How to Write a Book in a Week(end)

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If you’ve been around the BizWorld more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably heard the “write-a-book-to-be-a-mega-success” mantra. If you haven’t heard it, welcome…it’s making the rounds.

And. It’s. Bull.shit.

There is NO Way that one thing is gonna do “it”…make you a mega success. It’s a strategy.

Taking steps toward that goal of yours in a way that suits YOU and those you like to serve numminess to.

There, I said it!

As I shared in Is Infusionsoft Right for You, Now, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to doing this thing called “BizOwner.”

And in my 30+ years of being in the BizWorld, the overnight success stories, when you dig below the hype and hoo-di-ra, I’ve found¬†there are typically years and years (sometimes decades) of blood, sweat, tears, missteps and lessons learned to get to that “overnight” success.

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Why promises scare me …

I’ve stayed ¬†away from any promises that I might not be able to keep … not because I’m such a saint; it’s because I’ve allowed myself to fall victim to the hype so many times I overloaded my financial well-being and ended up filing bankruptcy.

NOT great for the sense of self or future for sure.

And I don’t want that for you. In fact, my vision is that I can reach out and put the kabash on you making the same mistakes. That’s why I write these posts, share on social media, send newsletters and tell you things that I’m honestly afraid to tell you.

Do I really want to tell you that I bought into the hype (at age 50+) and went broke. Ah, that would be a big “hell no.”

And it’s the truth. And if you’ll take these lessons and steps to heart, you won’t have to go through that. Bleck.

So why this bold title for a post and an infographic? Because it’s true.

You can do this in a week (or as a BizGuest said “heck, I could do this in a weekend!”).

It’s not THE book, the be-all-and-end-all of books forever and ever.


It is, as someone in a Facebook group said, a starter book.

Why start with a starter book

  • It’s a way to get off your bum and get something out there.
  • It’s something do-able and not prone to being the overwhelming task of the century.
  • It is do-able. (Yup, do-able is repeated, on purpose!) And that’s the key for now.


Because every biz is in the ContentBiz and that’s how people know what you’re up to and about, right?

And what would you rather write, or read? A multi-hundred page tome or some quick starter tips, a tastee tidbit, a sampler, to get you goin’ forward?

I want to hear your thoughts, so do share them in the comments section and would love to get a peak at what you create, so bookmark this article and come back to tell me, ‘k?

(Or send me an email…that’s kewl too!)

Want a nice black-and-white printable version of this 12 Step Program to hang on your wall so you can get YOUR starter book done? Your wish is my command! Click this pretty text or that big infographic and it’s yours.


  • I am writing my book right now, to be published in early 2015.

  • Hi MamaRed! I’ve already gone through the pain of writing my first ebook and Kindle book but I am tempted to try out a starter book. Love the idea of a 12 step program. :)

    • MamaRed says:

      I am right there with you Vatsala…I struggled and screamed and kicked and all sorts of things to get “big stuff” or “the book” out there. When I came up with this basic model for a course I was teaching, it struck me…what if it was a way to get a book out there. What if it didn’t have to be War and Peace! I would love to hear what you do…just ‘cuz you already have something out there, doesn’t mean you can’t do this for a whole series. (I started a series called “In The Words of…” and my first one was quotes from Maya Angelou. Do pop back in and let me know what you do, ‘k? Many blessings. MamaRed

  • Lee Proctor says:

    Just getting ready to write and found you! What a blessing you are.
    I am now considering doing a book-a-day series on Internet Marketing/Social Media etc.
    Biggest challenge is what to name the series. I will be including email marketing, sales funnels, blogging, all the social media choices…
    I figure it would be a great way to put simple books out that show how easy it all is…ie. written in a day, can be read and acted upon in a day.
    What do you think?

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Lee…sounds like a great way to create a series and build your connections with others. When you set the intention and follow up on exactly what you’ve promised, it would be a wonderful gift to so many who are struggling with all this stuff! Maybe something like “A Day at a Time” for the series name? Whatcha think? Let me know! Hugs&Blessings. MamaRed

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