Why does mindset matter so much to my business and life?

Why Does Mindset Matter To My Success
Your mindset matters more than anything else.
A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G else.

SAY WHAT??????


More than your schooling. Or good deeds. Or fancy stuff…Or…

Or the “right software”

Or the “right” marketing plan.

None of that matters.


Unless you have a positive mindset.

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No, I’m not saying shit doesn’t happen. Or you don’t get pissed off.

What I’m saying is that when you focus on THAT stuff, the rest of your business and your life is bound to go down the toilet too. Whatever you want to call it…karma, Law of Attraction, shitty luck, luck of the draw. Whatever.

We all have tough things we learn through…believe me, I’ve had some things that took me down LOWWWWWWWWWWWW. Really. Really. LOWWWWWWWWWWW.

So I’m talking to me, as much as you! (Hope ya don’t mind.)

What Happens To Your Mindset When You Fill It With ShitWe hear the horrible stuff …

You hear it every day…the horrible things. The sad things. The things you wish would never happen to you, or to anyone else.

Children hurt. Fires taking out homes. Elderly people get scammed. War … somewhere. Everywhere if you count all the mini “wars” we have in our heads.

The one you love leaves or gets hurt or has a day from hell.

Ever noticed how shitty you feel when you listen to this stuff?

Or when you beat up on yourself for something you said. Or did. Or wished.

Feeling great at the moment? I doubt it.

And when you’re feeling crappy, it’s that old Law of Attraction thing. Crappy stuff just keeps happening.

And it’s a downward spiral…kind of like that old saying “the worse it gets the worse it gets.”

Or “If it can go wrong, it does.”

What Happens When You Focus On The PositiveWhen we hear about wonderful things …

Sadly, we often let the wonderful things slide by without noticing them. Or commenting on them. Or letting them lift us out of the poo poo pile we’re sitting in.

Ever notice how you feel when you’re laughing?

Or loving? You. Your partner. Your kids. Your dog. Your parakeet.

Or watching a beautiful sunset?

Why then does it seem like all is right with the world?

That you can do anything. Handle anything.

The trees are gorgeous. That stop sign even seems to be wonderful.

Your dog is the cutest thing ever.

Love abounds. Positive feelings abound.

The world is amazing.

Feel the difference?

Take a few seconds. Close your eyes.

Breathe in love.

Now again.

Ahhhhhhhh. Much better, right?

So why is so hard to stay in this place, eh? It seems like the minute you do, WHAMMO, SMACKO.

Something else comes up to say “ha ha, you just THINK you’re stay with that Attitude of Gratitude. I don’t think so!”

What If Shifting Your Mindset Were EasyThe Power of Shifting

One of my first, and favorite books about mindset and Law of Attraction stuff is “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. I just re-read it and realized how many of the Negative Nelly crap I was allowing to run my life. I love it because she writes like I talk and write. Some straight up stuff combined with deeply loving stuff (that’s actually where the “MamaRed” comes from!).

Then, while watching Oprah’s Master Class with one my favorite actors ever, Morgan Freeman, quoted from a poem that used to be on my wall every place I lived. The Desiderata, by Max Ehrman.

Knowing a friend was hurting deeply, I decided to create a video version of it to share with him…and you.

May it remind you of how amazing you are. How you belong here and how much each of us has to bring to each other.

Before you listen to the video

There is also a beautifully illustrated version in a downloadable version of this heart-warming poem … just add your email address below and it’s yours!

And don’t forget to share your favorite bit in the comments below!

  • This was so beautifully done! It is just the encouragement I needed this week. Thank you for sending this out into the world. My you be blessed! Janet

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Janet…it’s so great to “see” you here and to know it brought the right thing at the right time for you. I hadn’t originally planned to put it out except to the friend who was hurting so deeply. Guess I got my plans rearranged, eh? Sending you blessings & hugs. MamaRed (and please do share with others who may need a boost!)

  • Fedaa says:

    WOW! Thank you for sharing this MamaRed we all can use a loving reminder of all the thoughts that are running in our heads and limiting our beliefs to what we can and can’t do. Our mindset is the secret key for limiting or flourishing our lives.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Fedaa…so great to “see” you and so appreciate you sharing that statement “our mindset is the secret key…” Amen darlin! Please do share with others who are ready to flourish! Many blessings…MamaRed

  • diana says:

    This is really inspiring and calming…thank you. Is this available for sharing?

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Diana, so great to “see” you! And I’m glad to hear it both inspired and calmed (two of my goals actually). And yes, share anywhere and everywhere you know of folks who need some inspiration and calm! Have a fantastic day…Hugs & Blessings. MamaRed

  • Philip says:

    One really fascinating thing about mindset, attitude, etc… is that the circumstances may change slowly, yet our perception of them and how we feel is in constant flux. Same situation + better mindset = instant change in emotion, outlook, response to others, etc… Why, it’s just like the good magic we want to experience in life everyday.

    • MamaRed says:

      So true, so very very true Philip! Sometimes I think the changes aren’t happening all my “good” practices are for naught. Then someone points out a change in me or something is different about my life and I realize “hey, that mindset stuff is working!.” And if we’ve had a Negative Nelly/the world is gray attitude for a long time, it can take a bit to make the shifts. And they’re so very worth it. They’re that magic you describe. I so appreciate you sharing your kindness with the Get igKnighted family and honored that you’re part of that family! Hugs & Blessings. MamaRed

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