What is the RIGHT time to post to social media?

Dark purple rectangle with white text " This social media stuff gives me a headache...a schedule pleeze" and a gray bubble head figure

Ah, would that there were ONE right answer to the question:

What is the RIGHT time to post?

It would make life so much easier for those of us racing to create content to feed the ever-ravenous ContentBeastie™, eh?

Then we could create a nifty schedule, automate the heck out of things and then enjoy our time on the beach, relaxtipating our lives away.

I’ve been at this content creation thing a LONG time (sometimes longer than I want to admit to) and unless you know your WHO and what kind of products and services you’re providing, that question is likely to lead to gray hair, lots of headaches and bigger amount of hairpulling.

How do you find the RIGHT answer?

Once again, the first answer is “it depends.”

Knowing what your business is about, who your ideal BizGuests are and what YOUR goals is always the first step.

Creating ways to measure your activity is next on the docket so you have numbers that make sense to and FOR you.

Bubblehead with sunglasses looking in a rear view mirrorTo my own detriment (and I sincerely hold the vision that you don’t do as I did!), I was afraid of the numbers.

Not realizing they were my friend, not an indictment of what I did wrong or how badly I had “failed.”

Check out the hints and tips in this Slideshare presentation from Moz

The information in this slideshare presentation are a way to start finding the RIGHT answer, for YOU.

Please don’t be afraid of the “numbers.” They are your way of leveraging your resources and making a bigger impact with your message!