What does “low hanging fruit” have to do with your content?

Repurpose Content Use What You Already Have

Ever heard the term “low hanging fruit” and wondered what the heck it has to do with your business?

In a nutshell, it is grabbing on to the things that get you somewhere the fastest and easiest way possible (like picking the low hanging fruit from your favorite fruit tree).

Applied to turning your content into income generating information products it means

Find what is already done, or close to done, and get that out the door first.

A real life example

A New Energy Healer came to me, overwhelmed, ready to call it quits. She wanted to reach more people and felt like she needed to spend the next year writing a book so she had a product for sale.

She didn’t know how much longer she could handle the workload of parenting, individual sessions, group sessions, and stay on top of all the new insights coming out with the looming energy shifts. She wanted to write a book (although couldn’t figure out where to find the time) and had set a publish date 2 years away!

During our session she quipped “it might as well be forever!”

She was convinced she had nothing to work from (no low hanging fruit), although agreed to answer my ever-so-insistent questions, like

  • Do you teach what you know to others?
  • Has anyone taught you how to do what you do?
  • Do you have a specific process you follow when you start one of your healing sessions?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Have you ever recorded any of your sessions?

We discover MORE than she thought possible

Before 30 minutes was up, she realized she had over 40 recordings of group healing sessions she could use as the start to her new product line (things she could give away or sell so she didn’t have to keep trading time for dollars). Now the trick was to figure out which one to do first!

Not a bad problem to have, eh?

As I watched her work, I realized she had a process she followed (she hadn’t thought of it as a “process” since process can sound so boring, blecky and “un-healer-like”).

After we recorded her 15 minute healing session on how to get anesthesia out of your body the natural way, I created a simple mind map with what I thought was her process, based on watching how she worked. As soon as she saw it, she realized that was it and she started fleshing out the process in more detail.

Between the backlog of recordings and the mind map, she has plenty of low hanging fruit to work with and the clients starving for what she brings don’t have to wait another year or two before getting a taste of her gifts. Think how many tidbits, and 5 course meals she can serve now!

What low hanging fruit do you have waiting to be picked? What could be working for you, building your bank account, and transforming the world in YOUR unique way? I bet there’s a lot hanging around you could pick and serve up!

There are a lot of products you already have waiting to be delivered (or at least durned close!). There are a whole bunch of questions you can ask yourself to get the ideas rumbling around (check out Information Products: How Do You Pick a Winning One for some ideas).

The BIG lesson in all this

After years of working in the corporate consulting world, I’ve learned that it is NEVER easy to see what you have or what needs done when you’re on the “inside.”

It really does take another set of eyes and hands to get things done when you’re already hip deep in all the other stuff you’re doing.

Or maybe you’re like the client in my example above…you don’t realize what you already have!

Think how much those products could be filling your bank account and transforming lives!


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