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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Soooo excited you're part of the Get igKnighted Family and are grabbing this free Getting Started Guide ... no matter how small, or large, your biz, there's a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff that goes along with it.

I'd bet it's not your fav thing...or may you want to do more of the "thinkin' stuff" and less of the repetitive, boring stuff that 'puters are supposed to do.

Or someone else loves to do.

Streamlining so things get done faster.

Using the RIGHT tools to automate things machines are good at doing over and over.

Writing down the steps that need doin' so someone can take the load off you.

Whatever you call it, I call a "sexy backend" for your biz and this Getting Started guide shows you how to, well, get started!

Click that big button, or the cover image, and download the Getting Started Guide to your favorite spot.

Open immediately and discover how to get back at least 2 hours a week!

A Special Surprise, Just for You!

Need a hand, like RIGHT NOW, getting that Beastieā„¢ under control?

Then you'll love "Private Meals w/MamaRed!"

Your content here...

"Private Meals w/MamaRed" are like hiring your own private caterer for that party you're having. We get together on the phone (or Skype) get you moving in the right direction without all the fits, starts and headaches.

These 45-minute sessions are all about you ...

  • Want me to take care of all the details? You got it.
  • Want me to tell you how to do something? You got it.
  • Need a demo of something? Excellent. We'll share screens and get 'er done.

Promise, we can get TONS done and you save $100 per meal when you order from this page.


Because you're special like that!

Select the number of 1-on-1 reservations you want, click that button, enter those pesky payment details and we'll get to gettin!

Number of Sessions

Once your payment is made, you'll receive a link to my online scheduler (hint: online schedulers save a TON of time) and we'll get on the phone or Skype and do this thing. Together!