Tools for keeping track of all those content projects

Different ways to turn your content into an imageWhew, ever noticed how much work goes into creating content for your projects? Whether finding some resources you can reference, graphics to illustrate a point (and pin to Pinterest!), notes, starts, and fits, there is a ton of material to keep track of.

For years I’ve had a bunch of different mind maps with scattered notes and links, then I would create a Word document to hold starts of this, that and the other. Then I would keep some notes in Evernote. Then. Then. Then.

And by the time I got around to writing an article or working on a class, I couldn’t remember where I put everything. For someone used to designing systems and automating tasks, it was unbearable!

Then I discovered a category of tools called “Creative writing tools” which were originally designed for novelists. Those folks were trying to keep track of all the characters, the plotlines, blah blah blah.

And Eureka…it became a new way to organize all those bits and pieces. Now, that said, the terminology may be different (and it make take ya a bit to wrap your head around how to use these tools for your non-fiction works), AND there are some neat features. So take a look a couple of the most popular tools in the “Creative Writing Tools” category:

When you have an organized, systematic way of getting all your content together, you can create a LOT more products a lot more quickly. Give it a shot!

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