CJ says “creates an atmosphere where everybody around her is better”

“The hallmark of Jerilynne’s (MamaRed’s) spirit is her honesty. This extends from those areas where it is easily seen in relationships and business coaching, as well as in integrity of thought. This, and her uniqueness, lends itself to encourage others, offering collaborative methodologies in a positive and decisive way with clear sight into an individuals’ potential.

She is a great motivator and mentor. Because of her motivational style, she has always inspired others and prepared to meet new challenges in every facet of her life. She is a natural born speaker and writer. She creates an atmosphere where everybody around her is better and she would be an excellent addition to any individual or organization’s employee coaching plan, dynamic learning environment and as a motivational speaker.”

CJ Johnson
Spirals of Success
Certified Dream Coach, Certified True Purpose Coach
Sebastopol, California USA