Use your full address when sharing on social media sites

Itty Bitty Biz Tech Tips WordPress Sharing Your Social Site AddressEver hung out on a forum or maybe Facebook or LinkedIn? Or maybe you get emails (ok, so probably too damned many, right?).

Everywhere ya look, type, touch, or fiddle there is this kinda big old ugly address (called a URL) for everything. It isn’t a whole lot different than the address for your home, or your business, or your parents, or kids, or friends, or enemies.

So in order to tell someone where you hang out on the social sites and like, they need your address. Fair ’nuff?

Often I see folks adding a post somewhere with “oh, catch me here @mamared_2002 (that would be a Twitter address).

Or “Join me on LinkedIn, my name is “MamaRed”.

If you want to be, well, social and make it easy for folks to find you without any blood, sweat, and effort, then include the full address (URL) when you’re being sociable. Otherwise, you’re counting on your visitors to take the initiative to go find you wherever. And that reduces the chances that they will take that initiative!


‘Cuz when you do this, it’s automatically a clickable link and those of us with a bent toward lazy can click once and be there!

So you would use:

In fact, if ya wanta really play nice in the sandbox, click the links to make sure they work (they turn blue on most public sites, the color may be different on an individual website).