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what you LOVE most and do BEST
so you build your revenue and reach with
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It's possible...and you want to be a "Legally Lazee BizOwner," right? You deserve the life and Biz of your dreams, where you generate a profit and make a difference.

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Which Beastie is driving you bonkers?


You're in the ContentBiz whether ya know it or not.

Do it right and you increase revenue AND reach. Do it wrong and you'll drown with your fingers stuck to the keyboard.

Discover how to tame this Beastie using the 
Repurposing...on Purpose™ System, ContentTidbits and the right recipes.


Behind-the-scenes stuff is, well, unsexy...

...until you realize that's how you make money, have more fun and freedom. Systematize, streamline and automate this stuff...

Sexy Backend for Your Business™...  means more mula, time and FUN.

Now that makes it worth it, right?


Yup, this is one Beastie that gets more attention...

...and causes more trouble that most any other, especially for TechieVirgins. Asking "what tech' is the wrong first question.

Tech serves the Biz, always. Get kick-ass clear on what your BizModel, goals and loves, THEN pick the RIGHT tech to get the job done!


More than any other Beastie, mastering him equals success.

Ignoring him equals failure. The others are teachable or you can hand them over to someone else. Only YOU controls the headgames.

Be Free from this Beastie with do-able recipes and support from someone who's been taming him for a long damned time!

Your Biz must be profitable to also do good, spread your message to those hanging by their fingernails to learn what you know and create transformation that leaves the world a better place. 

And that isn't always an easy combination, eh? There are so many different things to do (what DID happen to that 4 hour workweek).

My mission is to help you become a Legally Lazee BizOwner using clear-cut strategies, streamlined systems and automation for all the behind-the-scenes stuff so you get to do what you LOVE most and DO best.

When you do that you reduce costs, improve profits and get more clients.

Now that's a win, eh?!

MamaRed Cooking Up Tastee Recipes For YOUR BizSuccess

Less Time to Market, 100% Accurate!

Steve D. Intel, Residential Services Division

With her strategic, systematized, automated approach to content creation, kick-ass templates, training and tech support, we delivered in 48 hours what previously took at least 2 weeks!

It was 100% accurate, something we weren’t able to do before she became our Content Strategist. Plus we recouped our investment in less than 6 months!

Worth Every Penny!

Kathy Overacker Sr. Documentation Manager, DCI

Wow, in a 2 hour consult, she discovered why I couldn’t keep up with our 2,000 page document and the customized system she designed let me do in 30 minutes what I couldn’t dream of doing before she came along

She was worth every penny, and more. Her strategic approach and detailed plans changed our business forever.

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