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Give Up? Or Surrender?

The power of words to knock us on the floor or raise us to the heavens is, well, beyond words! What if changing your energy, having a better day, was at your command, your choice? Switching “I Give Up” to “I Surrender” has the most powerful effect. Check it out and see if it does the same for you!

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The Power of your words to hold you hostage or set you FREE!

Are you aware of how seemingly simple statements can drain the life out of you? How everyday “shoulds” and “oughta” and “couldas” are keeping you from being the best you possible? You can choose how you speak to yourself, even in the natter of your own mind, let alone outloud, and make powerful changes that make a powerful difference. In your world. In THE world.

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Are you terrified of moving forward?

Sometimes our terror is based on reality, and sometimes it isn’t. The way to keep moving forward is to figure out which is which. When the terror strikes, ask yourself: “Will I die?” “Will I be hurt?” “Will someone else be hurt?”. If the next step won’t cause death or injury, what is your fear? Is it real? Or is it time to let it go and keep on moving?

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Mindset Tip: How to move forward when fear holds you back

Fear can be Truth…like when that saber toothed tiger is running after ya…or it can be a left over fear from something else that scared you in the past. Your next do-able step is to figure out which it is, learn from what the fear is telling you, then make choices that serve YOUR vision for YOUR life and YOUR dreams. Here are some options for changing that fear into something that makes a difference for ya.

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Mindset tip: to change your mood, think like a dog!

It may seem simple and it is amazing how challenging finding that “Attitude of Gratitude is. Ah, when you do, it is soooooooo sweet. Learn how to use a dog’s natural contentment with everything that happens to YOUR advantage. Plus I confess, this one was a HARRDDDDDD one. Read on to learn why.

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