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Information Products: How do you pick a winning one?

You hear the hype everywhere, right? Create an information product and “get rich quick.” Maybe it happens. To some people. For the rest of us, asking great questions helps us figure out what is right, for us. Don’t buy into the hype, take the time to answer the RIGHT questions and make life easier for yourself. That’s how you go from “frustrated” to “freedom.”

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Repurposing: Where is YOUR hidden stash of cash?

STOP working so hard to feed the ContentBeastieā„¢, build your bank account and make a difference in the world. Have you checked your hard drives (in your mind and on your computer) for a hidden stash of content you can use without working so hard? If not, I’ll betcha there is a ton of stuff hanging out there you could use. Ah, sweet freedom. New products, new programs, new everything is so much easier when you use what you already have.

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Tools for keeping track of all those content projects

Whew, ever noticed how much work goes into creating content for your projects? Whether finding some resources you can reference, graphics to illustrate a point (and pin to Pinterest!), notes, starts, and fits, there is a ton of material to keep track of. For years I’ve had a bunch of different mind maps with scattered […]

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