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Lazy Content Creation for Coaches Who Don’t Like to Blog

Content Creation. Bleck! You’re a coach. You LOVE coaching. It’s fantabulous! What’s NOT so fantabulous is all this “write a blog post” stuff and “write an ebook” stuff and all the other stuff. Never fear, there is a way to make it not such a teeth gnashing, hair pulling event. Check out this post on 4 ways you can easily create content for your blog (and other places) using what you already know.

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Find more time in your day, Tip #6: use special symbols to focus your attention

STOP scrolling down a massive list of folders (or labels if you’re using gmail) because what you want starts with the 24th letter of the alphabet. Take advantage of the computer’s brain, which puts information with special symbols at the top of a list (think asterisks, ampersands, exclamation marks and the like). You can also use letters and numbers to make life easier, and that’s a good thing, right?

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Find more time in your day, Tip #5: use groups to send email to multiple people at the same time

If you’re like most of us, there are groups of people you send email to. It may be those funny bits you see or receive, it could be your team at work. Maybe it is keeping your family up to date. Any way you slice it, it is a pain to type all those names every time (even if most email tools reveal the names as you type that might match what you’re looking for. When you find yourself sending to the same people 3 or more times, create a group and go enjoy that cup o’joe with your time saved.

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