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Lazy Content Creation for Coaches Who Don’t Like to Blog

Content Creation. Bleck! You’re a coach. You LOVE coaching. It’s fantabulous! What’s NOT so fantabulous is all this “write a blog post” stuff and “write an ebook” stuff and all the other stuff. Never fear, there is a way to make it not such a teeth gnashing, hair pulling event. Check out this post on 4 ways you can easily create content for your blog (and other places) using what you already know.

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Repurposing: Where is YOUR hidden stash of cash?

STOP working so hard to feed the ContentBeastieā„¢, build your bank account and make a difference in the world. Have you checked your hard drives (in your mind and on your computer) for a hidden stash of content you can use without working so hard? If not, I’ll betcha there is a ton of stuff hanging out there you could use. Ah, sweet freedom. New products, new programs, new everything is so much easier when you use what you already have.

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