What if getting clients
was about serving SocialSnacks (little bits of content)
not massive ContentCookbooks?

What if I could show you how to whip up hundreds of text-on-image thingies
without burnin' your fingers.

(Even if you can't draw a stick figure and techie stuff leaves you drooling
on your way to a padded room.)

The key ingredients




May 2, 2015

2 Course Meal: 2 pm – 4 pm ET | Q&A (Optional): 4 pm – ???

In this LIVE, 2-hour, peer-over-my shoulder course, you'll discover do-able ways to use content from others and the materials you've already got hanging out on your hard drive to flood the social airways with awesome  graphic (text-on-image) posts. 

Plus I'll show you how to use free tools and free image resources to tell the world about your product, services and programs, increase that bank account and transform the lives you're here to transform.

No more breaking the bank on expensive tools and purchased images. Yeah!

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Hey there darlin...

As we get down to the Biz of getting the word out about YOUR services, I'm reminded of a client I was helping recently.

We were getting into the nitty gritty of what she wanted to get done and who she wanted to do it for. Before we got too deep, I realized she was holding back tears, trying to be strong.

She was overwhelmed. 

Then I heard the words that get my corned beef boiling and have me pulling out the Sword of 'oh hell no.' (Imagine me grabbin' my big 'Oh Hell No Sword,' donning my chef's hat  and slaying the Beasties !).

She said, "I just can't do this any more. I'm too damned stupid to keep up with the times. I just want to do what I do best and love most!"

Being a BizOwner isn't always a piece of cake, eh? And here is a powerful, talented woman ready to call it quits because she couldn't figure out how to feed the SocialMediaBeastie™.

Maybe you can relate...

As we continued our conversation, she said:

"Every time I turn around, there's another 'hafta' ...  hafta spend my life creating stuff for the latest and greatest social media whatever."

"I hafta find fantabulous images to put awe-inspiring tidbits out so I'm seen as the all-knowing wise woman on the mountain. The one who is perfect in every way, by every definition."

"I hafta buy way-over-budget techie stuff, then hafta learn it, which makes me feel dumb, gives me a migraine and flat out pisses me off. 

She continued, her voice breaking as she spoke, "I end up spending hours staring, bleary-eyed, at "instructions" and terms that look like English and make no sense at all."

As she added to her list of frustrations, I got why she was ready to chuck it all and curl up in a corner.

"I hafta do audio and video, yet I don't even want the family to take my picture!"

The conversation continued, with more of her frustrations spilling out like an unwatched pot boiling over on the stove. After she got all this out of her system and could breathe again, she said she just didn't get how one person could do it all, but she couldn't go out and hire a ton of people. 

She added even more "haftas"...from having no life with her family and friends, to feeling like her hands were permanently stuck to her keyboard...to feeling the overwhelm of creating tons of different products, courses, Kindles and whatevers to flood the world with goodies.

I got it. Completely and totally. I could feel what she was feeling 'cuz I used to feel that way as I created a longer and longer list of "haftas."

I know how frustrating it is to constantly create tasty new morsels for the endless stream of social media sites.

The worst—for her and for me—is feeling like you're lucky if 2 people see the bloody stuff you poured your heart into over endless cups of coffee and chronic self-doubt-itis...and those 2 are your cat and your mom, who click "like."

Then add in the new versions of the techie stuff and darlin, that's a recipe for wrapping yourself in a white jacket...and not the ones worn by those high-falutin' chefs either.

And I have something to share with you that gave me back my time and my sanity. Time to spend with my loved ones. Hang out with friends. Take a vacation even. AND I always have tons of stuff to share on social media.

Wanna know how I do it?

There's a do-able recipe for dealing with all this angst and overwhelm. It's one I've taught private clients for years and years, both the big honkin' corporate clients and the one person, passion-driven service providers.

And I promise you can do it...even if graphic design is way outside your skillset and the techie stuff leaves you drooling on your way to a padded room!

The solution is mixing up some SocialSnacks:  Easy-to-Make, Easy-to-Share Recipes for Social Content that Make Your Clients Drool!

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The SocialSnacks Mini Cooking Class

In this 2-serving course, you'll discover ways to whip up easy-to-make, easy-to-share recipes to feed the SocialMediaBeastie™, build your bank account and transform lives. You'll be able to...

  • Use content others have created or put your existing content to work for you, instead of creating something new day in and day out.
  • Save money because you know how to use tools you already own, or can get for free, to create these SocialSnacks.
  • Reduce the cost of purchased images to Zero, Nada, Zippola—because you know of over 10 resources where you can (legally!) grab images for any use.

Course 1 (1 hr)

In Course 1, discover unending words of wisdom, tidbits of delish-ness and success tips you can share with others—without slaving over a hot keyboard 24/7.

  • Discover 7 ways to legally "steal" the words of others to connect with your perfect guests (and save YOUR sanity).
  • Grab the best of your own ingredients you forgot were in the back of your ContentCupboard and quit "running to the store" to spend more money on ingredients you already have.
  • Pare down the words to the best 100 characters and spread your message throughout the interwebz like jam on toast.
  • Grab ingredients for an entire year's worth of SocialSnacks ... while standing in line for your daily coffee fix (or tea if that's your fav).
  • Mix up 90 days worth of SocialSnacks, using the same 30 ingredients (believe me, your guests won't realize it's the same stuff!).

Course 2 (1 hour)

In Course 2, we'll dig into the techie stuff (breathe darlin', I'll be right there with you) so you have the right tools to mix up your goodies...without spending an extra penny on them. 

  • Discover 3 tools that both PC and Mac users already have on their computer to create SocialSnacks without a massive learning curve.
  • Check out the online tools ... yup, free ones, you can use to whip up a SocialSnack in less than 60 seconds.
  • Peer into my private Toolbox for other tools to mix up goodies without pulling out your wallet, including a tool everyone can use if they don't want to line the coffers of some big corporate giant.
  • Peer over my shoulder as I create SocialSnacks without fancy images or tools in less than 5 minutes.
  • Legally "steal" my tips for using those same SocialSnacks as images to make your blog posts and newsletters shareable on social media sites.

Free Tastes 

Included with SocialSnacks, are your own copies of PowerPoint templates optimized for...

  • Your Facebook timeline
  • Your Pinterest stream
  • Your Twitter stream
  • Your Google+ shares
  • +10 completely free-for-commercial use image sites to create pretty text-on-image posts when you're ready to ramp it up a bit.


Less Time to Market, 100% Accurate

Steve D. Intel, RSD

With her strategic, systematized, automated approach to content creation, kick-ass templates, training and tech support, we delivered in 48 hours what previously took at least 2 weeks!

AND it was 100% accurate, something we weren’t able to do before she became our Content Strategist. Plus we recouped our investment in less than 6 months!

All-in-one saves so much time

Carrie Glenn Founder, Etiquette at Hand

Many of my picture quotes in Instagram and on Facebook are actually because of MamaRed! So I have a presentation, ebook, and pics to post!


Her Training Is So Fun

Chris Brogan CEO & President at Human Business Works

Woowwwwwww!!! I love it! Sounds really fun, MamaRed!  What a great way to demonstrate value! : ) .

Worth Every Penny

Kathy Overacker Sr. Documentation Manager, DCI

Her system let me do in 30 minutes what I couldn’t dream of doing before she came along.

She was worth every penny, and more. Her approach changed our business forever.

Got questions?

When do I show up?

Will there be a recording?

I'm not rich, how much? Spill the beans!

What if I live somewhere you don't?

What language do you speak?

How do I sign up so I get the lowest price possible?

I have more questions, you got answers?

Do I get to ask questions during the Cooking Class?

MamaRed in big hat

Hey there darlin...MamaRed here.

Running a biz is something I've been doing since '88...and believe me, I know how much there is to do to be a success...by every definition of that word! In fact, if there is a challenge you're struggling with, I've been there, done that, and have 30 years worth of t-shirts in the closet.

I know you love what you do. And I know you rock at certain things...and I'll bet my bottom dollar you rarely, if ever, get to focus on that 'cuz you're so busy figuring out all the behind-the-scenes stuff and learning new social media stuff and figuring out where the hell to get enough content to feed those ravenous Beasties.

And that's what I'm here for. To turn you into a Legally Lazee BizOwner with behind-the-scenes systems that take care of the unsexy stuff like schedules and money-taking tasks, helping you find content I bet you forgot you had and making the techie stuff easy to understand without costing you an arm and a leg.

We can get that Biz of yours off the ground. Together!

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