Small business owners–what do you do when tempted to throw in the towel?

Please don't throw in the towel!You’ve made the big leap to being on your own, grabbing that freedom flag that says “I get to do it my way. NOW, finally, I get to share what I love, my way!”

And 2 minutes or 2 days or 2 years later, you’re wondering what the hell you were thinking, eh?

Maybe someone said what you wanted to do was “easy peasy.”

Or maybe a loved one said it was impossible.

Either way, you’re in the trenches, duking it out with your fears and challenges.

And you probably think you’re alone.

You’re not. Promise. There are millions of women business owners who are juggling, balancing and teetering on the brink. And there are others rockin’ it. And the key to all of it is to hang in there! Be determined.

I loved this video from Jenny Shih, from She’s telling it like it is AND reminding us that it’s possible. And tells why she ignored one key piece of advice from HER advisor.

What do you think? Ready to hang in there? What has scared you? What advice have you taken, or ignored?

It’s sometimes scary, eh?

Do tell!

To your success. We can do this. Together.

Lots of love
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  • Ali says:

    Your article comes in the right timing. Thank you Mamared for the inspiring and motivational post and thanks for sharing this video :)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Ali…I’m so glad the timing was perfect for you..funny how that happens, eh? Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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