Repurpose Content To Build Your Business More Quickly

 You joined the entrepreneurial world. Made the big leap.

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!! Congrats.

Then reality comes crashing in and whomps ya upside the head. So much to do and so little of it has squat to do with what you set out to do…

Maybe you’re…

  • a coach who has an amazing process that moves your clients from “bleck” to amaaaazzzzing
  • a speaker who can inspire others to be their best
  • an author who loves to write and transform lives through the written word
  • a consultant who helps businesses do what they need to do to build their business and make a difference in the world
  • a healer who is able to detect what needs doing and use your gifts and skills to help others

And then come the endless demands for content in other ways, in a gazillion different formats…

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • Training courses
  • Social media everywhere (Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, oh my!)
  • …and 14 billion other places where you “must” ut content in a bunch of different formats IF you want a snowball’s chance in hell to “succeed”

There’s a more do-able way to get back to what you love. Promise. And I don’t make those kinds of promises without thinking about them, a LOT.

What to do…

  1. Get kick-ass clear on your Big Why, Your What, Your Business Model and everything else that “surrounds” being a business owner
  2. Get kick-ass clear on your WHO (do NOT skip this one, doing so costs you tons of time, money and effort)
  3. Figure out what YOU do best
  4. Create a content strategy (it’s not as hard as it sounds if you plan your content approach like you plan a great meal)
  5. Do an inventory of what content you already have
  6. Share it FIRST in the way that’s easiest for you (if you know how to create text, start there, don’t turn yourself inside out trying to create images, audio, video or whatever)
  7. Build a little at a time, using your strategy and plan as your guideline
  8. Hire help as soon as you possibly can!

See, it’s all do-able, one step at a time!

To your success…

  • Great tips and I love your style. Create and plan and following it so important. As well as stop listening to the “You shoulds” and start look at what will be the most effective to start.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Heather…I have a feeling we could have a great time chatting about this stuff…especially with what you’re up to in the world! For as much as I find it “easy” to weed through this stuff for others, I have the same challenges others do…

      Laugh lots, Love more!

  • Gilly says:

    It’s definitely tough getting all this done and trying to do it all at once has my head spinning not knowing where I left off and then where to begin again. I have to start organizing better and you are right getting clear the whole business model because it’s so easy to get lost in all of this. :)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Gilly… I totally understand and that’s why I dearly love getting on the phone and walking through the steps to getting this done without so much of the hair pulling and teeth gnashing! Getting clear on the foundation helps because then you can answer the questions of “what, where, etc” based on YOUR vision and YOUR business goals.

      How can I help you take the next step? Would love to! Help yourself to an appetizer-sized version of problem solving with a Tame TheBeasties session!

      In the meantime, have a super day!


  • Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks, MamaRed, for your step-by-step instructions on how to repurpose content needed to build one’s business more quickly.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Lorii…that content is needed for every Biz and platform, isn’t it? Knowing how to repurpose it, with a good plan, makes it easier.

      Laugh lots, Love more!

  • Barbara Keen says:

    Thanks Mama Red for all your Great Tips and Strategies! My problem is I have been doing my website for 2 years now. I got started in this due to I was laid off and though maybe I could work from home and make some money to help my husband pay bills. Well it has been nothing but a nightmare. I got started with a company that basically taught at a fast pace and was nothing but dipping into our wallets very deeply. Everywhere I turned I didn’t know if they were helping me or just tell us a bunch of BS. when I meet Norma there was so much that I didn’t understand. Still to this day I am learning but I feel overwhelmed and lost most of the time. Plus my site is not making any money yet. I know it takes time but my husband and I are getting very discouraged and the debt is still hanging over our heads. I love your style and how you just put whats on your mind out there for everyone to see . Sorry for the rant!!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi there Barbara…I understand the rant,completely and no apology needed. I’ve been through this and ended up bankrupt because of not understanding what’s what and what was/is BS (not 100%…some illnesses and divorce added to the challenges). It’s one of the reasons I write like I write and share what I share! I wish I had a magic wand I could wave and don’t, dammit it all!

      I can offer my understanding and my prayers!

      lots of hugs

  • Pat Moon says:

    The internet is a big world so it is critical to know who you are, what you stand for and who you are reaching out to. Even then you tend to get lost unless you build the right relationships. The thing that gets to me is that it is so time consuming to do what you need to do while also staying on top of all the changes that require constant learning.

    • MamaRed says:

      Truer words have never been spoken…on all counts Pat! Finding ways to streamline and automate the things you can is so essential unless ya want to end up with no hair for sure! I used to despise thinking ahead and planning (well, still not particularly fond of it truth be told!) and it does make it easier to blend things, see what’s coming and seeing what you can reuse/repurpose so you’re not living, eating and breathing a keyboard!

      Hang int there and let me know if there is anything I can do to lend support…

      Laugh lots, Love more!

  • Mama Red, this is great information; especially now that content is king and is what really makes an impact on search engines!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Sharon…content is definitely king (or,shall we say, the Empress!) and is needed about 4000 ways from Sunday…and we’ve got to create all that, eh? Developing a content creation plan, with repurposing front and center, may take some upfront time and it has frequently saved my clients 20-60% of their time, including the planning! Hard to remember sometimes. ANd definitely helps us keep our hair and our sanity!

      Thanks for being you!

      Laugh lots, Love more!

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