Pinterest Answers What draws people to my Pinterest profile?

Pinterest Answers How Do I Get More People to Follow Me On PinterestAh oh, you’re hitting on one of the key things I cover in Pinterest 123: Plan | Prep | Serve (both the self study version and the live version).

It’s one of those hot button “rants” for me so hang on.

You’re about to hear the answer in the world according to MamaRed! (Of  course, no duh Mama, I’m reading YOUR blog aren’t I? Smile)

I call your Pinterest presence a Pinterest Party. And when you’re having a party, what do you do, eh…

  • You plan something great for your guests…
  • You think about who you want to invite to your shindig…
  • You look for some tastee treats to tickle their tastebuds and have them saying “oh I so loving going to HER parties!”)…
  • You prep all the things (whether the place, the kitchen, the recipes, buying the ingredients, looking for something special)…
  • By your actions, your invites, your recipes, your location, you create an atmosphere that says “oh, I’m sooooooooo glad you’re here.

So why, WHY, would you jump on Pinterest, create an account, and thing leave it nekked. Hanging in the wind.

That says “nothing to see here folks, move right along.”

Is that what you would say to guests coming for a great dinner? Or to an event you’re holding? Or that tailgate party?


And that’s what I see over and over and over again on Pinterest, and almost every other social media hangout there is. “Nekked” pages, sites, profiles, whatever ya wanna call ’em.

Most people create their account and put nothing up there…

  • No description that says “hey, this is what I do and what you can expect from this party”
  • No image (preferably YOUR beautiful self) that helps me know whose party I’m joining
  • No boards (I call them recipes)
  • No pins (ingredients)

And that’s why I  created Pinterest 123: Plan | Prep | Serve the way I did!

  1. Plan: get clear on your who, what, why, when stuff before you create that account
  2. Prep: get everything together you’re gonna need so you can cut’n’paste as much as possible (like basic account information, at least 5 board names, board descriptions)
  3. Serve: open that account, cut’n’paste as much as you can and pin at least 5 pins per board (preferably 10) from other pinners or things you find on the Internet (if you do it the way I teach in this course, you’ll a complete profile with 100 pins in less than 30 minutes)

Voila! A bunch of tastee treats that you can add to in a few minutes a day while you’re inviting other guests (pinners) to your Pinterest Party.

So whatcha think?

Which would YOU rather follow:

 A nekked Profile

This is a Pinterest board with no information


A complete profile

Sample of a complete Pinterest ProfileSo whatcha think? Which would you party would YOU rather go to (and not just because it is my profile, because that’s the one I’m authorized to take pictures of!) Do share in the comments below! I want to hear what’s on your mind.


  • Ava Reyerson says:

    I think I’m somewhere in between. I’ve posted two important boards that I use all the time and one that is from a friend who is a photographer. It took me a long time to see the benefit of Pinterest and even Twitter for that matter! Love Pinterest now that I’ve seen the benefits, because I’m so visual!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Ava (love that you have the word “passionate” in your site name. Yes). I took me over a year to figure out how to put what I do into visuals and I’m loving it now. Glad to hear you are too!

  • Denys Kelley says:

    Not a fan of the “Nakked Profile” on any social media site.
    Never thought of it as a party- like that.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Denys…yeah, I’m not either. Took me a while to learn that when I started on Twitter in 2008. When we think of Pinterest, or our content, like planning a party or event, I think it makes it easier to get the next do-able step done ‘cuz it’s something we’re familiar with. The old trainer coming out in me I guess!

  • Color me addicted … with 55 Pinterest boards.

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge – doing EIGHT blogs!

    (Just realized … this comment reveals plenty about my need to step back for a moment.)


    • MamaRed says:

      Oh boy, how DO YOU keep up Linda Ann…8 blogs? Heck darlin, one is keeping me running for cover. Let me know what your step back reveals!

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