Pinterest Answers How Do I Make My Content An Image?

Pinterest Answers How Can I Make My Content An ImageThere are many ways to make your content an image and which you choose depends on several things

  • Are you a good photographer? That’s a great way to repurpose those photos hanging out on your camera, smart phone or computer.
  • Do you like to take photos (you don’t have to be good at it!), start taking them lickety split and sharing them. It’s a good idea to optimize them, reduce their size, and remove the information about your camera and location called EXIF data…don’t need to give folks a hint about who you are or where you take photos!
  • Do you like inspirational quotes? You can use a tool like Quozio to turn those quotes into images and ya don’t even have to create an account or download any software (although I do recommend you download the image and give it a name and keep a copy of it.)
  • Are you a graphic designer? The sky’s the limit on that one since you’ve already got that background (graphics definitely aren’t my strong suit, so this isn’t my first choice).
  • Do you have some tips and tricks you can share with others? If your business isn’t naturally a visual one, you can turn those tips into images with something like PowerPoint (or it’s kissing cousin on the Mac, Keynote) or you can use one of the simple online image tools like PicMonkey.

A couple of suggestions for you

  • Create a series of tips and use the same background if you’re not the world’s top designer (yup, that’s how I’m creating these, may not be uber exciting and it gets ya moving, eh?).
  • Put a copyright and your name or at least your website address on each image.
  • Spend time time on your favorite websites and pinboards and look at what they’re doing
  • Take a look at the tools available for creating images…free of charge (can’t beat that price!).
  • Use online sites like MorgueFile to find images you can use without attribution (meaning you don’t have to include the creator’s name) or Flickr (where, most of the time, you want to make sure you give the photographer credit).
  • Use public domain sites to find images you can use with attribution.

Please please please be careful when using photos from others and give credit where it is do. Always read the rules of each site and individual images before you use them!

So what are your favorite ways to turn your content into an image? Do share in the comments below.
  • Maria says:

    I have to sit down and dedicate an afternoon to catching up on your posts. I love what you do.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Maria…thank you so much. Wow, what an honor that you would dedicate an afternoon to reading my posts. Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to make things easier for you!

  • Katie S says:

    You can pin videos? How cool! I didn’t know that.

  • Cindy says:

    Great post. Simple and easy to follow ideas on how to use Pinterest even if your business isn’t “graphic” related.

    We are in the process of the “Tips” graphics. We created 50 of them. Then we wrote a blog post for each one and are posting them once a week. Now if I could only remember to stop and post the graphics onto Pinterest we would be good :)

    • MamaRed says:

      Oh, congrats on putting together those 50 tips…that is so great (and yeah, I know, remembering to pin them is a next do-able step, eh?) Still training myself too and there are some ways to automate some of it). Keep up the great work.

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