Pinterest Answers Can I use Pinterest for my product creation business?

Pinterest Answers Can I Use Pinterest For My Product Creation BusinessGreat question and the short answer is “yes!” You can actually use Pinterest for any type of business, as long as you’re willing to find a way to share things with images in a way that attracts others.

A couple of terms, just in case you’re not familiar with Pinterest (or, as I say, having a Pinterest Party!).

  • Pinboards (boards)…these are just like those old corkboards we had at home to “pin” our favorite things on or the ones at schools where you could see the announcements of things happening all ’round. Only in the case of your Pinterest Party you can have a TON of them, all organized around a specific topic you choose
  • Pins…these are the individual items “stuck” on the corkboard (or pinboard in the case of Pinterest). You gather those pins (each of which is an image) on those boards and share them with other Pinners (or guests). You can have as many as you want.

So, with those terms out of the way…

The long(er) answer

Yes, you can use Pinterest for your product creation business. The rest of the question, and be sure to answer it FIRST, is ” is it right for MY business?”

Check out this list of questions to figure out the answer to that one and then take a look at some of the suggestions in this post! I’ll be right here waiting.

For the moment, we’ll “assume” that it is right for building the buzz about your business and driving traffic to your website.

Remember, on Pinterest, everything is about the image, the visual aspects of what you do.

So what could you do for your content creation business that would be visual?

How about …

  • Creating a list of tips and tricks for turning content into a product (you could use a standard background for a series, like I’ve done here or come up with unique images for each tip…which is a lot more work!)
  • Sharing some before-and-after pictures of what you’ve done (maybe you have a knack for turning big long streams of text into nice readable chunks or sections)
  • Sharing your favorite tools for creating products and use the product logo or image as the graphic for that pin
  • Brainstorming a list of product types and sharing the pros/cons of each one in a blog post and as a pin (there are soooooooooo many ways to deliver content these days, you could have a whole board of them, right?
  • Setting up a board for testimonials from your raving fans who love your work
  • Creating a specific board for the products you’ve created (with your client’s permission if they aren’t your products, of course) so people can see all the different things you’ve done


  • Tracy says:

    Wow good information on Pinterest. So far I’ve only dabbled in Pinterest, but I will definitely remember what you’ve said here.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi there Tracy…thanks a bunch! I stayed away from it for ages and am now integrating it with other things I do and learning it the “hard way” was a great way to build a course that cut through all the horse manure! Since food and clothng shots are the top performers on Pinterest, you have a great start at the visuals!

  • After reading this post, I know I have GOT to do more with my Pinterest account. As you said, I need to add more ways to find me, to know what I do, to show what I do. Thanks for the reminder!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there darlin’….there are lots of ways to do things these days, aren’t there! Pinterest isn’t the “be all and end all” of course and if you can interleave it with your other efforts it definitely increases that visibility, eh?

  • Katie S says:

    So…would you, for example, pin the graphic you have at the top of this post? Is that the kind of thing you’re talking about?

    My blog is so text-based that I’ve pretty much avoided Pinterest for anything other than personal enjoyment. I’d love to know how to use it for business purposes, too.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Katie…yes, you’re absolutely on the nose with your assumption! I know it is challenging when you’re a text-based person (my previous attempts at blogs were too!). The way I got started was to create a series of tips (this one is, obviously, about Pinterest) and then created a standard background to create an image. You can use a presentation tool like PowerPoint, Keynote or one of the free ones to create the background and then turn a slide into an image. When I launched my new blog (this one), I made a commitment to always have at least 1 image so I could build interest and use Pinterest.

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