Mindset Tip: Overcoming your fear…take a baby step

Overcome Fear One Step At A TimeWe all have fears that keep us trapped in our current circumstances, yes?

OK, maybe I shouldn’t “assume” that is true for everyone and I know it is true for everyone I’ve met (hum, what does that say ’bout me, eh?).

Often those fears are because we’re seeing the big picture, thinking we have to do it ALL right now. Make a big leap, jump into the water with both feet. Take on the world in one big bite.

What if that isn’t true? What if your only job was to take 1 step, 1 little baby step? Wouldn’t that make things easier? Less frightening? Easier to handle and step into?

Many of our our fears are based on something that is no longer true…a message that was embedded in our brain, in our very cells, a very long time ago. And we haven’t questioned them to see if they’re still true today, when we’re all grown up and no longer reliant on someone else for our very survival.

Several years ago I saw the movie “What About Bob” and laughed ’til I ’bout fell on the floor. I’ve looked at the movie from many different perspectives…and I’ve gotten a whole new perspective by seeing how I can give myself credit for taking chances, moving forward, taking baby steps and celebrating what I HAVE done, instead of dissing what I haven’t done.

Watch this 1-ish minute clip and see if you can find a way to rewrite your viewpoint, your story, about what is happening in your world!

This part of the movie gives me the biggest chuckle every time I watch it…because everything is in how we view it, how we write our story if you will. And dear darlin’ Bob, whom some would consider positively, certifiably nuts gives himself credit for sailing when many would not.

Now isn’t that empowering!

How can you sail today? What baby step can you take toward your dream of YOUR life? How can you give yourself credit for the many many steps you HAVE taken?

To your success! We can do this. Together!

love and light, hugs and blessings

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  • this post had me nodding my head in agreement. It’s taken me a long time to learn to just take one step at a time instead of dwelling on the big picture.

    • MamaRed says:

      And congrats to you Crystal for learning! Whether it took a long time or happened in a snap, you’re doing it.

  • This is so true . Baby steps and revisit your fears as an adult. I, along with half the world, am terrified of spiders. My hubby used to joke that I could count the legs on a pinhead at 50 paces. Now I ‘calmly’ tell him there’s a spider to get rid of. I can even kill them myself so long as my back will bend that far. I still have to stand as far away as I can. :) Baby steps got me there.

    I love the video!

    • MamaRed says:

      Absolutely true Kathy and how awesome that you got there one baby step at a time. I think we often discount those steps and they do add up! Congrats!

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