No cost alternatives to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office

Itty Bitty Biz Tech TipsAlternatives To Microsoft WordAlthough many computers these days come loaded with Microsoft (at least the PCs I’m aware of, I’m not a Mac person, so I’m not sure about that one). Some folks like it, some folks don’t. And for those who don’t want to shell out the buckeroos for an updated copy of Microsoft Word (especially if you need some of the newer features or are converting something you do to one of the ebook formats like .mobi for Kindle or .epub for Nook and other readers). Here are a couple of alternatives to consider:

  • Zoho Writer:¬†Online, so nothing to download AND be sure to back up to somewhere else!, since you always want to have at least 2 copies of everything. That means it works no matter what type of computer you’re using. There are tools for creating presentations, spreadsheets, databases and the like. Some are free of charge, some have a monthly charge (such as the Customer Relationship Management…CRM…module).
  • LibreOffice: This is an open source (meaning no charge to use) tool with 6 different modules for getting your daily work done. It includes a look-alike for word processing, spreadsheets, drawing tools and more. You download it to your computer and there are versions for Macs, PCs, and Linux. It is a spin-off from OpenOffice and is the tool currently being updated and maintained, so if you already have OpenOffice, take a look at LibreOffice.

Every tool has a learning curve…so be patient with yourself if you’re learning something new, ‘k?