Get inspired with the words Maya Angelou

There are millions of quotes that inspire and motivate us to move forward, make a shift, do something differently.

And that's what the "In the words of" Series is all about. Gathering them together so you can learn from them.

In this visual edition of "In the Words of..." discover quotes compiled by me (MamaRed) from the passionate, amazing Maya Angelou, who has inspired millions. Her words are a wonderful way to Tame the MindsetBeastieā„¢. 

Ready for a morning pick me up?
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It'll be here May 1, 2016

Morning's are a tough time when the MindsetBeastie launches his attack ... which is the perfect time to have a wonderful bit of inspiration waiting for you! For 90 days, you'll wake up to the encouraging, inspiring words of the ineffable Maya! It's coming May 1, 2016. Pop your name in there to be the first get the BeastieTamer's version at a special price and with extra treats!

Maya's words never fail to get me noodling, changing stinkin' thinkin' or just flat laughing! I've collected her quotes for years, given her books as gifts, and gotten lost learning more about her when I was supposed to be doin' something else! 

Every day, for 90 days, start with Maya's compassionate brilliance. Into your inbox pops a brilliantly simple bit of wisdom (no extra reading required!) and those bits are in 3 volumes of "In the Words of ... Maya Angelou that you can keep on your digital bookshelf forever. 

Scroll through, find your fav and then share with others. We all need a "word from the wise" don't we? 

Click the image to see a full size version and share away!

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Create a better day for you and those you love.
It'll be here May 1, 2016

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