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For over 20 years, Jerilynne Knight, a top ranked international conference speaker on both technical and inspirational topics, has regaled her audiences with her down-to-earth, hysterical way of looking at life’s challenges. She is a gifted speaker and trainer who helps people understand life and technology with simple, step-by-step instructions, an author and transformational mentor.

Her newest venture, MamaRedSpeaks, igKnights passionately powerful possibilities for individuals and organizations by turning tragedies into triumphs, dreams into reality, one tale at a time. She is also the founder of A Million Moments of Kindness, a world-wide campaign to raise the world’s Kindness Quotient, by gathering and publishing the acts of kindness taking place every moment of every day.

Affectionately known as “MamaRed”, Jerilynne igKnights the world around her with her passion for curing Passion Deficit Disorder (PDD) and helping others live their version of a Kick-Butt-and-Take-Names Life, one in contribution to themselves and to others. From an early age, she loved hearing the people’s stories and, even as a youngster, adults often came to her asking for advice in turning their lives around. However, as the years flew by, she sank deeper and deeper into a dual life–presenting a happy face to the world yet living in a nowhere land of depression when she was alone. As others reached out to help her step fully back into a life worth living, she realized how desperately the world needs people living a life focused on their unique gifts and contributions.
Fascinated by the power of words to encourage people, or kick them in the butt, she has spent the last 15 years studying belief systems, transformational tools and techniques from around the world. She now expertly weaves her own life stories and lessons into a message audiences can put into action before ever leaving the room. She is known for crafting her presentations with compassion and humor that leaves her audiences crying one moment and laughing the next. Clients in her Kick-Butt-and-Take-Names Mentoring Program and folks who attend her Kick-Butt-and-Take-Names Teleseminar series know her as a powerful ally in their quest for living a meaningful, no-holds-barred life based on personal responsibility and powerful passions.

When she isn’t rewriting client stories or sharing her message of powerful possibilities, Jerilynne enjoys her status as a mid-life newlywed to Gil, her loving soulmate and friend, and being the parent of three grown sons who are sharing their own unique gifts with the world. ***mostly lies now!****