Make sure you have a helper for your teleseminar or webinar

Itty Bitty Biz Tech Tips Teleseminars Have A Buddy On The CallDoing a teleseminar (a telephone-based presentation) or webinar (a web-based presentation with slides or your computer screen showing) is a great way to share your message out to a much larger group of people than the traditional one-on-one approach to sharing what you know. And when you bring in technology, things happen. Unexpected things.

One of the ways to keep things moving along smoothly is to make sure you have someone else on the line who knows the ins and outs ¬†of the tools and technology you’re using.

For example,

  • making sure the call is recorded
  • jumping in if your phone or internet connection goes down
  • moving your screen or slides forward
  • answering questions
  • telling you what questions have been asked

Ideally, you have someone who is more technical than you are and can help you through any rough patches. At minimum, have a friend on the line who has done a practice run with you before you do the “real” call!