Looking for a faster way to get your product out?

stop-waiting-for-perfectionAs a recovering perfectionist and split-brain personality (a 50-50 split of right and left brain traits), I’ve got enough ideas to flood the airwaves with a thousand products.

Yet I haven’t.


I’ve gotten caught up in, of course, making it “perfect” (whatever the hell that means) and it sits.

Sad. Lonely. Dismissed. Ignored.

It’s a great way to pretend I do a lot. A great way to make sure no one can critique or criticize my ever-so-delicate and often fragile self esteem.

The downside…doesn’t work so well! Period.

And it’s especially embarrassing for someone who says their mission is Voices Heard, Messages Shared and the World Transformed.

If we still did everything with smoke signals, that would be a great way to share what we know, eh? Since we have all this techie stuff and options, it’s a different ballgame!

So this year is the year I quick yacking. Quit thinking about stuff so damned much and use my three words (thanks Chris Brogan): “Inspired.Action.Now” to move forward EVEN when I’m nervous, scared and wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

Will you do the same? What can you get out to the world, today?

I hope you’ll go for it ‘cuz I know there are people hanging by their fingernails, waiting for you, yes, YOU, to share what you’ve learned on your journey.

Love this approach to getting started (and there is more in this great article). What do you think? Share in the comments section and let me know what your MVP is!

Source: imimpact.com

  • I can relate to this post in more ways than one, MamaRed! Sometimes, when we want to share our vision with the world, we forget that the person we are trying to help needs baby steps and not the kind of knowledge that they could earn a doctorate with. The result? No win-win.

    It feels awful when we put our souls into a product only to find that it does not work for the client for whom it was intended. I love the MVP approach. It’s time and cost effective and one can get one’s message out there to people who need to hear and act on it. The best part is that one can develop the product/service and refine it based on feedback. Or even find the possibility for launching another equally useful product!

    • MamaRed says:

      Vatsula, so great to hear from you! You’re absolutely right on target… getting those baby steps together, focusing what we’re teaching so someone isn’t overwhelmed and helping them earn “level 1” instead of that PhD is essential.

      Glad you found the article and approach valuable…I know I’m working to put it to use instead of trying to create the be-all-and-end-all of something! I know we both love to teach and share…and we also want to have our products and business take off!

      Big hugs!

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