Is InfusionSoft right for YOU, now? (Audio Version)

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Pop in for a listen to the audio version of this post…it’s a little over 14 mins long and does, so ya know, have some “language” although I was polite and cut back on my normal rant!

Prefer to read? Here ya go…

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DON’T listen to this article if you don’t want the straight up truth…

…it pisses me off no end to see great people, talented people, YOU, getting swept into

the “OMG, you soooooooo have to have this THANG like right now ‘cuz it will make you a zillion dollars while you sleep and you must buy this instant ‘cuz it will only cost you your firstborn. If you wait, it will cost you $10k/month and another $4 Billion on consulting services to make it work right.”  

Oh, and don’t listen to the audio if you have tender ears!  

This isn’t about InfusionSoft being bad, far from it.

It’s about picking the RIGHT thing for YOU!

What do you need to know to make a decision?

You must stop.

That’s right.


Curb your enthusiasm.

Put your wallet away.

Tell your “OMG there will never be a price this low again natter-voice” to go for a walk on the beach. You’ll be back with ’em soon.

OK. Breathing?


Get out your question-asking light saber and start swinging it in all directions.

The thing you need to know… MUST know… to make the RIGHT decision (for YOU, of course) is what this “thing” will do for you and does that serve your vision, mission, goals, client needs and all the rest!

… ASK.

ASK some more…use this list of questions to get to what’s right for you. It’s a great starting point.

  • Debbie says:

    We all need to slow down and think about what we want to do. Many people are taken up in the minute.

    • MamaRed says:

      Totally 100% agree Debbie…and sometimes that “slowing down” and asking the RIGHT questions is the toughest part of being a BizOwner…heck a human for that matter!

      Laugh lots, Love more!

  • Great reminder, MamaRed. And please do more audio stuff (I know you’ve done tele seminars with others, but do you have a regular podcast now? Love your voice!).

    One technical note, though (looks like the folks above in the comments may not have listened to the audio or something happened): The audio stopped at 10 minutes rather abruptly, and it was obvious that it wasn’t done yet. Just FYI.

    You definitely got me to thinking about my investment in InDesign. Haven’t made back my investment on it (and you have to do that regularly because Adobe’s on subscription now) after almost a year of paying in (although the learning curve is rather steep). Gotta think about the value of the tool over time.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Joanne…thanks for stopping by and nope, don’t have a regular podcast (yet…that’s actually on the discussion table at the moment). Thanks for your kind words, they’re very appreciated. Truly!

      Thanks for the heads up on the “audio stoppage”…I’ll check into that and see what’s up. I switched where I was hosting it because of another technical difficulty. So great to know you’ve got my back.

      Do take a look at that InDesign investment for sure. There are so many options out there these days, although for a true graphic designer the options can seem weenie (yes, that’s a techie term doncha know?)

      I went through an evaluation process with several clients and each were able to shave at least $300/month on these buggers.

      Keep me posted on what you do, ‘k.


  • You are a kinder business coach. I’m completely in agreement with you. I think you have to make decision based on what works for you. I’ve told many times I need Infusionsoft and yet I’m able to get everything I need in a different way. I’ve heard it called ConfusionSoft.

    As well there are many new up and coming alternatives.

    I love automation and I love you right way! Great sharing and honesty.

    Love your voice and approach.

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Heather… thanks so much for stopping by and I’ve heard it called ConfusionSoft for years too. Don’t know if that is true or not since I haven’t done an assessment of the backend of it. What I DO know, without doubt or hesitation, is that unless you’re making the funds to pay for it AND, and this is a big AND, you know your processes or can have a process analyst dig them out of you (done this for years), it doesn’t matter how kewl the tewl, it’s gonna be a bear!

      Nice to know there is someone else who loves the automation and thanks for da love! Much appreciated…

      Laugh lots, Love more!

  • Pat Moon says:

    I worked with those huge mainframe computer systems using a teletype back in the 1960’s. Yep, I am that old, too. Then in the 1980’s I transitioned from a mechanical sewing machine to a computerized sewing machine, from an ole’ fashioned cash register in my fabric store to a computerized cash register that kept track of my inventory $$ amounts, and from an electric typewriter to a computer. I’ve been online since dialup took over my phone line to search the web or send an email. Change, change, change. Yes, I’ve been there done that. There is so much to choose from now as far as conveniences in our personal lives and our business lives. It is truly important to ask questions and know what we are getting into before we say “yes” and plunk down those $$’s.

    • MamaRed says:

      Amazing the transitions we’ve seen, isn’t it Pat! And what I’ve learned, although it took a while (blush) is that the questions really do remain the same even if the hype is more broadly shared via the Internet.

      I think something very confusing for many is that they don’t have the background to assess/evaluate what tool is right! And I’ve realized that’s something I do well, and like to do (yup, I’ve got an odd streak like that). Now to figure out how the looks for a product!

      To plunking down those buckeroos wisely!

  • Barbara Keen says:

    Very good point and advice MamaRed! Unfortunately I did fall into buying things that I never used and now have some outstanding debt. I was laid off from my job and looked around and signed up to work at home. Well this program nickled and dimed my husband and I to death. Being first time business entrepreneurs we thought we were going in the right direction. We were told that you have to have this service, phone would ring and it was another service that we needed to have to get our business up and running. Needless to say we were taken Advantage of in so many ways that it was totally crazy. So we have learned our lesson the hard way a long with the debt to show for it as well. The only person that has been honest and has been there for us with everything is Norma Doiron. She has been awesome and a great help. Thanks for sharing the audio too!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hello Barbara…I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this, I truly am. I’m not quite sure why so many of us “get” to learn this lesson this way and I sure as hell know exactly how the path goes. My challenges in this area led to bankruptcy…and it has taken me a lot of soul searching and prayer to get to the point where I can even admit it. It wasn’t 100% my being caught in this path…serious health challenges and a divorce were contributing factors.

      The one way I’ve seen to make sense of it and to be in service from what I’ve learned is to share this kind of article and continue finding ways to help others make wise decisions based on the mistakes I’ve made.

      I hold a picture of you continuing to take steps forward, learn and share as you rebuild your lives.

      Blessings to you and your family…


  • Norma Doiron says:

    I’ve seen people being taken advantage of in this business of ours. Not a pretty picture. I’ve had clients who’ve lost a lot of money. So sad… The lure of the shinny object is powerful and many fall for it. For myself, I’ve learned that if I really want something, it’ll still be there tomorrow, so that gives me perspective and time to think about it BEFORE I commit. This is a subject that is well worth talking about. Thanks!

    • MamaRed says:

      So true Norma, so true. NOT a pretty picture in any way shape or form. I wish I could say I didn’t let myself get sucked in and I did. Which is also why I’m so passionate about getting people to do the opposite of what I did!

      So glad you’ve avoided the NSOS and are willing to wait (one of my current aspects of my ‘work-in-progress’ stuff)

      Have a super one…keep on being your amazing self.

      Hugs, Blessings

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