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This one has been a toughie for me…images, images everywhere and not a clue on what to do!

It’s took me several years of putzing, playing, testing and screwing up to learn more about image-related stuff. I mean think about it, I started on computer (ish!) stuff in the 70s and believe me, photos and pretties were reserved for those with HUGE budgets and a ton of specialists around to make sure all was jusssssst right.

In fact, the first time I screwed up the courage to do my first teleseminar, it took days and days and DAYS (seriously, I’m not even exaggerating). I was figuring out sizes, and where to find images, and how to resize the buggers and add text to them.

It wasn’t a pretty picture. In fact, at one point a friend found me curled up on the floor of my office crying my eyes out.

Over the course of several years, I taught myself stuff, asked a ton of questions and became obsessive-compulsive about creating a mindmap with resources so I could find them again.

Check out this list (another great way to reuse content.).

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  • I collect these lists and you have some new resources I will check out. Thanks so much for providing it. Bookmarked and Pinned
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…The Color BlackMy Profile

  • Ines Roe

    Thank you for the resource of photos. I try to use photos in my blog because I think it is very important to have visuals. I did learn something interesting that I would like to share too. I use microsoft word and they do have many images that can be inserted. I learned that if you own a legitimate copy of the software then you also own the images that are available in the clip art which also has photos. So I often check out to see what they have to offer

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Ines…I totally agree with using the visuals in your blog (especially because I now recommend people start from their own blog and share outward…and so much relies on pictures!). Oh so love the info on Microsoft Word! I had totally and completely forgotten about that… which is a bit embarrassing since I have a guest post on using ones from Powerpoint!

      Talk about pole vaulting over mouse turds! LOL.

      I’m going to add that to the list as an another resource. I wonder if the images are the same whether you’re in Word or Powerpoint. Hummmm

      may your day be igKnighted with passionately powerful possibilities!
      MamaRed recently posted…Is InfusionSoft right for YOU, now? (Audio Version)My Profile

  • Veronica says:

    This is a great list of resources. I will be exploring a few of these. Thanks for sharing
    Veronica recently posted…One Room Challenge: Resources and Behind the ScenesMy Profile

  • Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks, MamaRed, for providing the different images necessary for the social media posts and projects.
    Lorii Abela recently posted…Preparing for an Online DateMy Profile

  • Pat Moon

    My, oh, my! Thanks for all these links… found some good ones from your list.
    Pat Moon recently posted…Probiotics – Healthy Critters – Immune ResponseMy Profile

  • Sharon G. Cobb

    Oh how great of you to do this! I am finding lately that I need good free to use resources for video and music files! It can be so tricky online and no one wants to get in trouble!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi there Sharon…glad it’s something you can use. I’ll have to take a peek at my mindmap and see if I have any video/music resources hanging out there. Like you, I do want to be careful and use the files in integrity and give back at the same time!

      Laugh lots, Love more!
      MamaRed recently posted…STOP trying to write a book, right now!My Profile

  • A. Lynn Jesus

    What a fantastic resource list. THANK YOU! This is awesome and SO helpful, especially with the benefits of having great images in posts and on a site.
    A. Lynn Jesus recently posted…Business Tips for Real Life… Really! (Episode 4 – Rolling Wave Planning)My Profile

  • Kat Sturtz says:

    Love this list, MamaRed. It’s the additional notes about usage…including for commercial use…that makes it a big win resource! Will be sharing your link on one of my upcoming Fast Action Fridays shows.
    Kat Sturtz recently posted…Can you feel relaxed and still rock the holiday season?My Profile

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