Ignore the hype about you MUST do the latest and greatest thing

Biz Tips Don't Believe There is Only 1 Way to Grow Your BusinessIf you listen to a lot of the  hype and promotions around the Internet, you’ll start believing you HAVE to do a specific thing:

  • rock it on Google +
  • hang out on Twitter all day
  • use Pinterest to grow your business and income and leave all the other tools laying around sad and lonely
  • write a book
  • blog till your fingers fall off
  • do presentations 24/7
  • publish your masterpiece on Kindle (and the Nook and all the different forms of e-books out there today)
  • ONLY do audio
  • ONLY do video or webinars or teleseminars

OK, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration AND I’ve been around this field so long that it seems like everyone knows the BEST and ONLY way to do something to grow your business, make a bazillion bucks, and be the next Biggie Whiggie of the world.

It’s enough to make ya want to go back to bed or find a J.O.B. again. Egads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if that isn’t what you’re good at? What you love to do? What YOUR folks need from you? Then what?

The key to staying in integrity and out of being overwhelmed to tears is to find what works for you and the folks you serve and focus on that. If you do that, you’ll find it a whole bunch easier to get where YOU want to go.