How to use a free conference line to create a information product empire

Content Is King And You Need Lots Of ItIf you’ve been around the webified world we live in for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard “Content is King” (I prefer Empress actually) and that you need tons of it, everywhere, all the time and need to be creating it constantly.

  • If you’re a speaker, you MUST (arggghhh) have a book to build credibility.
  • If you’re a coach, you MUST (argggghhh again) have a process and have it all documented and shared everywhere.
  • If you’re a service provider of any kind, you NEED (argggggggg a 3rd time) to have all your stuff written down and online.
  • If you’re a consultant, well, you get the drift right?
  • If you have anything to share, you NEED information products (don’t worry, the definition is simple: information shared in some way, often in an electronic format)

Content Is The Empress And You Need Lots Of ItAnd that’s just the start of the content needed to be in business these days, you gotta have…

  • blog posts with images so you can use Pinterest and get more eyeballs on your Facebook and LinkedIn posts (you are using all of those, right? Smile)
  • tons of posts for forums, groups and all the social media outlets
  • free ebooks or reports to giveaway in exchange for someone giving you their name and email address
  • audio for those who prefer to listen or take your wisdom with them on a walk or while popping dinner in the oven
  • video (as in webinars, YouTube, Vimeo, etc) to make people realize how whiz bang kewl you are and get them over to what you’re doing instead of what someone else is doing
  • handouts and action guides to take people through what you know how to do with your hands tied behind your back
  • oh, and add in print books while you’re at it

It’s enough to make a grown woman curl into a ball, sucking her thumb and crying for the days of smoke signals, isn’t it?

There’s an easier way, promise, especially for those of us who are verbal processors with ideas that tumble out faster than the water in Niagra Falls.

Record what you want to say!

Did you know there are free conference lines you can use (whether for recording yourself sharing with the air or with others)?

Yup, there are.

And if you’re a natural born talker (yup, I am, as many of you already know), it’s much easier to create all this stuff verbally, THEN turn it into text or images or video or whatever the heck else you need to create.

Step by step processStep-by-step: Getting the recording

Recommendation: do take a bit of time to sketch out, even at the highest level, what you want to cover on the recording so you have the content you need to put out there into the world. One of my strengths is the ability to talk off the top of my head on a lot of topics. Which is great for general purposes.

It’s not so great if you’ve got a grand idea to put all that content to work for you in different formats. You’re bound to leave something out and editing a recording isn’t as easy as editing text!

  1. Decide what topic(s) you want to cover
  2. Decide how/where you want to use the content you’re creating
  3. Grab a notepad or stack of index cards and write down some notes
  4. (Optional) Turn those notes into a mindmap so can rearrange things to suit you (check out this post on some mind mapping ideas and some free tools you can use)
  5. Sign up for a free conference line (see this list for some suggestions)
  6. Schedule a time to get on the conference line (it takes a whole lot LESS work if you’re doing this by yourself or with a friend/co-worker if you do better when you have the energy of another person on the line with you)
  7. Dial the conference line
  8. Start the recording
  9. Record your words of wisdom
  10. Download the recording to your computer (the free conference line tools

Step by step processStep-by-step: slicing and dicing the recording a bunch of different ways

Now that you have the recording done, you’ve got so many ways you can turn that wisdom into different products (most of them are free).

  1. Use the entire recording as a free gift for signing up on your list
  2. Sell the entire recording as part of your product line
  3. Get a transcript of the recording (yes, this one can cost anywhere from $10-$100 per recorded hour, depending on where you get it done and believe me, it’s one of the best investments you can make while you build your product empire!)
  4. Slice and dice the recording into smaller portions and use those as teasers or appetizers to let people know what you do
  5. Combine the audio (whether the entire thing or the smaller portions) with an image or slide and turn it into a video or series of videos
  6. Pull out key points and use them as tweet and posts for other social media sites
  7. Use a free tool, like picmonkey or quozio, to create images of your content for blog posts and social media sites
  8. Create a higher priced product by combining the audio and turning the transcript into an Action Guide or Workbook
  9. Use the smaller portions of your audio as the summary at the beginning of a blog post
  10. Combine multiple audios into a memberhip site or training series that teaches others how to do what you know how to do

Content Repurposing Slays the Content BeastieAre there other ways to tame the ContentBeastieā„¢ with a recording?


This is just the beginning of what is possible. Yes, the array of possibilities is positively overwhelming UNTIL you start thinking of your content like the ingredients stored in different containers in your kitchen!

When you stop thinking of a document, or a blog post, or a recording (or a whatever) and look for the smaller components, you have 4 ways you can use everything:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Image

Now, what ideas do YOU have for turning what you know into a product empire (or content empire if you prefer)? Do share in the comments below

And if you’re stuck for ideas, do grab a complimentary 24-minute rendezvous to learn how to tame the ContentBeastie and get back to doing what you love!

We can do this. Together.


  • Phoebe says:

    Aaargh, you’re right, there is sooooo much to do nowadays that I do often feel like curling up into a ball and forgetting about it all but this idea of recording things is new to me and very interesting. I’ll check it out and hopefully free up some precious time in my life! Thanks!!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Phoebe, and welcome to the Get igKnighted Family. I know about this curling up thing (I done it a bunch of times…either that or find some distraction…grin). Do stop back by and let me know if it frees up some of your time. That’s ever so important, especially so you can focus on the things you really love to do!

  • Gretchen Duhaime says:

    This is a great habit to get in. Record everything – free preview calls, group coaching Q&A calls, interviews, everything! Why recreate something new when it can be tweaked from the archives!
    The other tip I love is to pre-record course material instead of delivering it live on the line – then participants can listen and absorb at their own pace/method and save the live time for Q&A and laser coaching :)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Gretchen, welcome to the Get igKnighted Family and you’re are so right. One of the reasons my “Set up a meeting with me” form has a conference line instead of standard line. For years I had a note on computer from my ex that said “are you recording this call” because I’m verbal processor that comes up with ideas while talking. Oh, and love that tip to pre-record course material…excellent idea! Thanks for adding that to the list. Most generous of you!

  • maureen says:

    I love this so much great ways to get that content out there and repurpose. Thank so much and I love your hat!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi there Maureen…thanks for joining the Get igKnighted Family and for your kind words. Hope it helps you repurpose that wisdom of yours more easily!

  • Lisa Mallis says:

    WOW – so much content right here on this blog post! I wonder – what other ways you are going to repurpose this!! )

    I currently use Instant Teleseminar to record my coaching calls, classes, and audio products. But, I have not idea how to edit (or slice and dice) a full one-hour product into mini products. What technology would you recommend. I’d love to take my hour long classes and turn them into some mini-podcasts. Or, even just edit out a place where I was coughing.

    I’m a PC user, if that helps!



    • MamaRed says:

      Hello dear one and yup there are several other ways I’m looking at repurposing this (good catch!). I would love to use InstantTeleseminar (it’s my fav for teleseminars actually). There are many different tools you *could* use, and the free one that comes to mind is Audacity, That said, there is a learning curve (to any of these tools, of course, no duh, eh). There are others and that is where I would start!

  • Arleen says:

    I love it Content is Kingā€ (I prefer Empress actually). Webmasters have been using content is King for years. It is also important to name the image for optimization. As far as recording calls you need to let the recipient know that they are being recorded. My phone system is set up for recording but I have never used it. I am just trying to wrap my head around blogging to help my business and you are coming up with more stuff. Great information here

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Arleen, great to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. Yup, webmasters and internet marketing “goo-ruus” have said it and honestly, it is true. Everything is content…tweets, ebooks, training courses, recordings, all of it. So there is truth (although I still like Empress…smile). And yes, if you record with someone else on the line, they need to be notified, although most of the conference services I know of make an announcement to that effect. The kewl thing about recordings (even if you’re recording YOU) is that most of us talk faster than we write. When I first started blogging I actually talked my blog posts, even tho I didn’t post the recordings since there were a bunch of missteps, etc. (and my perfectionist gene was having a heyday with that!). Now, if talking isn’t your gig, this approach doesn’t do diddly squat. If it does and you’re getting into blogging, it could lend a hand and make it not quite so mind boggling! Do stop back by and let me know how you’re doing!

  • Tony says:

    MamaRed you are right on time with this great information. You see I have been more of an article , video, presentation person but recently I wanted to try a different medium for getting my information out to where it can help most, audio recordings seems like the perfect tool. For one thing I like that if what you have to say takes an hour that’s how long it will take to finish your audio product. It’s time effective as well as cost effective (free, who can beat that). Thanks again for this useful information. Now I won’t have any problem getting the most out of it , and if I do I will know where to come! ;-)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Tony…glad the timing was so perfect (doncha just love when that happens!). And you’ve hit on a key point…that if it takes an hour to talk it, it takes an hour to finish. OK, let’s say there could be a few redos or start overs. And with what you can “dictate” in 1 hour, you have a ton of material. In fact, I created a mind map for someone who asked me how many products I could create from a 1 hour video. I identified over 48 possibilities and that wasn’t included pure image-based options! Have fun and do keep me posted.

  • This is the best article, very well laid out for re-purposing information I’ve ever seen. Well done, MamaRed.

    • MamaRed says:

      Wow, that’s high praise Carla, and much appreciated. I’ve spent years helping corporates do strategic repurposing and am pulling out those skills to help passion-preneurs like you!

  • Amy says:

    Brilliant, MamaRed! You overwhelm me with all this information of stuff that I need to produce, then you show me that there’s a much easier way, and then you step-by-step me along the process. Excellent. I’ll refer back to this soon, when I’m ready to record! Thanks!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Amy (and welcome back!). Do let me know how it goes and believe me, I’m into the do-able step-by-step stuff to get you through what you need to get through. Most certainly don’t want to overwhelm you and there’s always a way to get ‘er done. Believe me, the step-by-step instructions get really detailed when I’m working with clients or writing training stuff.

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