How to Create Content that Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

Content is the #1 most needed thing for your business. Whether you realize it or not, you’re in the content business! No matter what title you give yourself, what you name your business or how beautiful your logo is.

The ContentBeastieā„¢ is ravenous … wanting “compelling” content to differentiate you from others who do similar things (note I didn’t say “the same” because YOU and YOUR background automatically make what you do different.

Well, now that I think of it, the ContentBeastie doesn’t give a crap about “compelling.” That said, if your goal is to grow your bank account and serve more folks, compelling makes sense. (Just be sure you define “compelling” in a way that makes sense for YOUR perfect client.)

The ContentBeastie clamors for content on your blog, if you have one. For posts to grab eyeballs on social media.

The back end of your business cries out for content … maybe it is a proposal or a welcome packet for new clients.

Or even boring old unsexy step-by-step processes you use to keep yourself on track and tell others how you want things done.

By the way, creating content doesn’t have to be a drag-you-through-the-mud kicking and screaming endeavor! You can find content (like this infographic) add your opinion (I know you have one) and move on to the next step.

Yes, there are “ideal” ways to get organic traffic.

Screw that.

Start with less-than-ideal to get yourself going.

And the best time to start is NOW. And the best place to start is with something that connects you with your ideal client (or what I call my ideal BizGuest).

Because we’re all in the content business, I thought this Infographic was a great way to share what it’s all about.

Your thoughts? Share them in the comments section and let’s have a conversation about Taming the ContentBeastieā„¢!
Courtesy of: The Seen