How do I do a figure out what is priority?


And Your Question is?You mentioned something about a “Bubble Sort” when you talked about creating a Kick-A$$ Clarity List. What is it and how do I do one?


How do I do a Bubble Sort to find out what is a priority in my lifeA Bubble Sort is the process of comparing two items and deciding which one you would prefer (not *have to do*…prefer!). And it’s an essential part of discovering what you really want and making sure you focus your resources on it instead of wandering around the woods, wondering what’s next.

If you’ve been to an eye doctor, you’ve actually done one before. Remember when the doctor diddles around with some dials and then says “which is better, A or B?” You’re choosing the option that gives you the greatest clarity at that moment (what I call Kick-A$$ Clarity), which is exactly what you want to do in your life.

The easiest way to do a Bubble Sort is to partner up with someone who knows how to keep you from “shoulding” on yourself. It is ever so easy to hear the voices of those who have previously guided your life (you know the ones I mean, yes?).

Note: This isn’t a perfect science and there is only ONE right answer…the answer the fits you and the life you want to live. Each time you do a Bubble Sort, you’ll find details you didn’t know were important to you. And that’s perfect! It is the way it should be…because now that you know more, you can be more specific.

So feel free to do, and re-do, and re-do your Bubble Sort. In fact, when I first learned how to do this, I re-did my Bubble Sort every week for 6 weeks. Plus I did a bunch of specific Bubble Sorts.

So, for example, once I found out my top two items, I did more Bubble Sorts to figure out what was most important to me about each of those items.

Before you begin

  • Create your Kick-A$$ Clarity Card Deck
  • If at all possible, get someone to help you complete this task (a friend, a coach, a mentor) so you don’t should on yourself and defeat the purpose of creating the perfect prescription for your life. This is the first exercise I do with new clients, whether it is to discover their personal priorities or their business priorities. Once this is done, we create an action plan!


  1. Center yourself in the here-and-now
  2. Commit to answering from your heart NOT your head (which means you’ll answer with the first response, not sit and think through the answer)
  3. Shuffle your card deck just like you would shuffle the cards when playing a card game
  4. Grab two random cards from the deck
  5. Pick the one you want most
    Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, this is all about YOU! Asking the question “If I could only have one of these options, which would I choose?” can help you hone in on the best one FOR YOU.
  6. Keep the one you choose in your hand
  7. Place the other card face down
  8. Pick up another card and repeat the comparison for the next two cards
  9. Repeat until you’ve gotten through all the options you wrote down
  10. Write #1 on the card remaining in your hand
    As of this moment in time, that’s the number one thing you want in your life
  11. Repeat the process for your top 5
    Why top 5? Because the brain can only work on so much at once!

This is the first exercise I do with new coaching clients, folks who are looking for “Who’s their who” and anything else that has a buttload of choices and confusion has set in, which usually means you’re frozen place!

Whether it’s what type of food to grab or what you want to do with your life, mastering this approach makes it a lot easier to choose! Just make sure to leave those old voices in the playyard while ya do this. “Shoulda/coulda/woulda” or “shame/guilt” ain’t gonna getcha the life ya dream of!

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