Do you pull your hair out
when you hear (again) "Content is KING?"

Or when Goofus the SocialGoo-ru says "you MUST post 100 times an hour?"

Taming The Content Beastie

Grab this FREE Insider’s Guide for 7 ways to stop the madness and tame the ravenous ContentBeastie.

(No, you don't have to be a geek, kick-ass writer, award-winning photographer, or graphic designer.)

Featured clients saving a bunch of time, money, and effort ...

I'm already running full out...
my Biz is growing & I'm running on fumes!

Oh boy, can I relate. You've been bootstrapping for so long, doing everything yourself, and now all that knowledge is hurting, not helping!

What's Eating Up Most of Your Time Right Now?

Red Business Beastie

Creating an ebook

Create more content in less time (without burning up the keyboard) using the
Repurposing...On Purpose™ system.

Grab How to Write A Book in a Week(end) to get started.

Red Business Beastie

Finding free images

You can spend tons of time searching around for free images, then editing & futzing with them. Stop the madness!

Download 10 Places to Find Images Free for Commercial Use.

Red Business Beastie

Feeding social

You don't have to be a whiz kid with tech or a long-suffering graphic designer to create nice, clean social media posts today.

Take this free mini-course to learn how to feed this Beastie.

Less Time to Market, 100% Accurate!

Steve D. Intel, Residential Services Division

With her strategic, systematized, automated approach to content creation, kick-ass templates, training and tech support, we delivered in 48 hours what previously took at least 2 weeks!

It was 100% accurate, something we weren’t able to do before she became our Content Strategist. Plus we recouped our investment in less than 6 months!

Worth Every Penny!

Kathy O. Sr. Documentation Manager, DCI

Wow, in a 2 hour consult she discovered why I couldn’t keep up with our 2,000 page document. The customized system she designed let me do in 30 minutes what I couldn’t dream of doing before she came along

She was worth every penny, and more. Her strategic approach and detailed plans changed our business forever.

Create the RIGHT systems and processes to make running your Biz do-able

Your Biz must be profitable to also do good, spread your message to those hanging by their fingernails to learn what you know and create transformation that leaves the world a better place. 

And that isn't always an easy combination, eh? There are so many different things to do (what DID happen to that 4 hour workweek).

My mission is to help you become a "Legally Lazee BizOwner"... which means you use all the tools, tips, and techniques the big guys use to make your biz run like a well-oiled machine. (Efficient is such a boring word, no?)

I'll figure out what's eating up your time and energy, then put over 30+ years as a productivity consultant to make sure you're focused on the things ONLY you can do. 

When you do that you reduce costs, increase profits and get more clients!

Now that's a win, eh?!

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