Find Your Hidden Stash of Cash

Do you find yourself struggling to feed the ever-voracious ContentBeastie™, and cringing when another guru says

  • you MUST post a gazillion times a day on THIS or THAT site
  • create 4 million Information Products
  • do video
  • AND have a life that is balanced and perfect?

Creating content, and turning it into products to sell, or giveaway, doesn’t have to be so HARD.


During this program, you’ll discover how much stuff you already have that can be turned into products to build your bank account, transform lives, and give you the freedom to do what you love.

When we’re done, you’ll have a personalized plan, suited to YOUR vision, talents and budget so you can

  • release at least 21 different products
  • leverage what you know in at least 7 different ways without stressin’ and strainin’
  • work quickly and efficiently by knowing what the DO-ABLE steps are, and in what order to take those steps

Is this you? Give me a call at 203.626.2054 to finalize the details or if you want to make sure you have a slot on my calendar, pick the dates/times from my online calendar.

(Oh, and  I’ll share lessons learned so you don’t make the same mistakes and waste your precious time and money.)

What you’ll achieve

As a result of this program, you’ll

  • get kick-A$$ clear on who’s your WHO (nothing else matters if you don’t do this first)
  • have a rock solid plan for turning what you know into at least 21 products you can leverage
  • have a library of social media content you can share around the Web
  • have recipes for converting your best tips and tricks into images you can use to draw more attention to your message on social media sites
  • find at least 7 different ways every tidbit of wisdom can be leveraged into money and rabid fans (who knew you could work less and make more!)
  • recipes for turning a big overwhelming products into multiple small products in different formats (small is better these days)[/learn_more]

What’s included

Content Assessment

We’ll dig deep into what you already know and identify what you WANT to share and HOW you want to share it. We’ll use this as the foundation for the work we do in the coming weeks.

Kick-A$$ Clarity Rendezvous

During this rendezvous, by phone or Skype, we’ll prioritize what is what and in what order to do things to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Personalized Action Recipe

During your Kick-A$$ Clarity Rendezvous, I’ll identify the next DO-ABLE steps for you to take to reach your goals. You’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it and, if needed, WHO does what so you’re not overwhelmed. We’ll identify what techie stuff you’ll need to learn (or, preferably give to someone else!) to achieve your goals.

Accountability/Celebration Rendezvous

We’ll get back together and see how things are going for you: What worked? What didn’t? What’s getting in your way? What needs to shift and shimmy for things to work for you? What can we celebrate (if you don’t celebrate what you’ve done, you get worn out).

Checklists, Guidelines, Step-by-Step Intructions

Over the years, I’ve created a lot of checklists, questionnaires, and step-by-step instructions to give you what you need to focus on what YOU do best. Together we’ll figure out which of the ones in my library are best for YOU.

I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader ever and and do what it takes to help you achieve YOUR vision, in YOUR way.[/learn_more]

Your investment

We’ll discuss what best suits YOU when we have our Complementary Rendevzous.

Let’s get started

Know this program is the perfect recipe for your success? Give me a call at 203.626.2054 to finalize the details or if you want to make sure you have a slot on my calendar, pick the dates/times from my online calendar. Your time is too precious to waste going back and forth, eh?

Let’s get started right away! There are folks hanging from their fingernails waiting for YOU. Yes YOU!

Imagine how much you can add to your bank account with 21 products and a ton of ways to use every tidbit!

Let’s do this!

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P.S. This program is perfect for you if you’ve been saying “some day I’ll create a product or write a book or I’ll put that special thang together. You already have a ton of content hanging out on hard drives, in drawers, on bookshelves. Don’t waste your time creating more stuff. Use whatcha got. Now there’s a solution you can bank on!

Give me a call at 203.626.2054 or set up your complementary rendevzous using my online calendar.