Do you need more time in your day?

Do You Need More Time

Heard (or said) something like this recently?

  • “I don’t have time for that. I’m trying to grow a business.”
  • “I wish there were more time in the day.”
  • “Sorry son, I can’t make your game tonight, there’s only so much time in the day. That’s just the life of an entrepreneur. You’ll understand when you’re older.”
  • “I know honey, we haven’t been on a date in a billion years. When I get this company profitable, we’ll go anywhere you want to go and we’ll be able to afford the very best.”
  • “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot your band concert was tonight. I need more than 24 hours in a day to do everything that needs doing. That’s what happens when you ditch the corporate life.”

…and a million other phrases that have something to do with wanting more than 24 hours in a day.

If you relate, the disease is curable!

The Diagnosis: Need More Time Syndrome


Sorry to say, you’ve got Need More Time Syndrome.

Like so many other “syndromes,” this one can be a bit challenging to cure AND it is possible.

And, since we can’t add more hours to the day, we’ll need to look at some other options.

The remedies here may not be what you want to hear…

Because it’s going to take some time to get you back some time.

Yup, sucks toads, I know!

And I promise these solutions help, especially when combined with other action steps my BizGuests take during their Private Chef Sessions (OK so they are 1-on-1 sessions, and I love cooking analogies).

Now, the remedies aren’t horrible tasting nor do they take forever AND you do need to be involved.

So let’s get started.

NoTimeSyndrome Prescription01

Since I specialize in taming the Beasties­­™ that reduce revenues, increase costs, and result in No Time Syndrome, this is the prescription I write when onboarding new BizGuests.

Every Bizguest receives at least 1 do-able action step on the first day. And at least 3 do-able steps within the first 3 days.

(Believe me, I have never had a BizGuest, large company or small, come to me saying “I have too much time on my hands.”)

The first response to this exercise is usually “WTH?” since they hired me to streamline their business, make creating content easier, implement the right technology, and make life, in general, easier.

(So, if you said “WTH?” too, you’re in good company AND it’s still what’s next.)


For 2 days…

  1. Grab a good old-fashioned pen and some paper (or index cards like my BizGuests use)
  2. Keep this pen and paper with you whenever you aren’t sleeping, including by your bed
  3. Take a kick-ass deep dive into…
    where you spend your time
    how you spend your time
    how many times you forget to delegate things
    how many times you use no-time-related words to “excuse” yourself from something you don’t really want to do
    how many times you commit to doing things that don’t fit the priorities you have set for your life
    how many times you do the same thing over and over again—incorrectly—because you haven’t written the RIGHT things down anywhere (even on a napkin)
    how many times you answer the same thing over and over from your team, frustrating them and you at the same time
  4. Post a comment about how you’re doing (seriously, I really do want to know)
  5. Continue with prescription #2

Note: You may discover some other symptoms as you go through this process. Write them down and keep on going!

NoTimeSyndrome Prescription02

When my BizGuests take Prescription #1 (as prescribed) over 90% discover they have a hidden disease: Control-Freak-Itis.

This is often the toughest thing to face AND it’s the first one we tackle because it’s the low hanging fruit that delivers up really tastee results: more time.

Why do so many of us have Control-Freak-Itis?

timefor everything 01

Because when we got started we did everything…

  • Wore all the hats. (Think back to your org chart in the beginning days.)
  • Ran around 24/7 to build a foundation.
  • Scrambled to find the funds to do what needed doing.
  • Networked until our lips fell off in between doing everything else so we could find paying customers.
  • Taught ourselves blogging, and proposal writing, and finance, and social media crap so we could find customers.
  • Struggled with being a parent on top of it all.

Basically, every square in that org chart has your name on it…even if there is some other name showing.

Sigh. Sound at all familiar? Even a teensy tiny bit?

Thought so!

The thing is you now have a team and they typically can’t get anything done because you’re struggling with Control-Freak-Itis.

So you become a roadblock. A hindrance.

And time becomes the issue du jour.


  1. Grab the list from the first prescription
  2. Go through the list one item at a time
  3. Beside each item write your initials if YOU must do the thing, there is no possibility of delegating it, at all, ever
  4. Review the items with your initials: be you sure YOU must do them
  5. Identify 1-4 items you can delegate to someone else, today (without having heart failure)
  6. Delegate at least 2 items
  7. Calculate the time you just added back to your life
  8. Breathe (again!)
  9. Share your results in the comments so we can celebrate with you

What’s next?timetotry theseremedies

Try these remedies and see how you do. Did you discover a few minutes you can use for something else?

(BTW, I find this works better when you partner with someone. Preferably someone who combines kind and caring with butt-kicking truth when needed.**)

What’s YOUR next step? Or what worked for you that you can share with others?

Share in the comments and let’s find you more time in the day!

timetosmileP.S. I couldn’t resist using that old saying “Take two of these pills and call me in the morning.” Yeah, I know. Cheesy. AND if you are ready to add more hours to your day, let’s talk. Seriously. Schedule your free 15 minute “I Need More Time” call. Each year I work with a few private clients, 1-on-1, so we can turn frustration into freedom and create systems and automation approaches that increase revenues and reduce costs. Because these are my favorite way to make a difference in the world, I take only a few so I can create customized solutions. I bet you’re one of those select few, right?

**This where the name “MamaRed” comes in. “Mama” is the encouraging, supportive side. “Red” is the loving kick-in-the-ass side. And the combination is the person who partners with you to nurture your success.

  • Camila says:

    Who does not need more time in the present times ?? Time passes too fast and when we realize it has passed and we have not done anything … I wish I had more time to see you …

    • MamaRed Knight says:

      Yes, it passes sooooooooo quickly and seems to do that the older I get! Hugs&Blessings. MamaRed

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