Charge what you’re worth or use your passion as a hobby

Business Tips From MamaRed Charge What You're WorthOver and over again I hear about amazingly talented people making the same mistake I did.

Not charging what they’re worth for sharing their passion and gifts with the world.

There I said it.

I admitted it.

I’ve been terrified to charge for what I’m naturally, and by my 30+years of training, good at doing.

So where are your shoulds hiding out

I drank the “live your passion Kool-Aid™ in 2007, declared myself a coach and speaker, and immediately got lost in a bunch of shoulds (both from those living rent-free in my head and from others “in the business”).

Then I drained my bank account with all those products I “had to have” to be successful.

My “good girl” script was running full out, hell bent for leather. Determined to make sure I did things “right” and win the approval of everyone (like that’s even possible!).

I had started my own business in 1988, serving as a corporate consultant, charging thousands of dollars for systematizing and automating content creation.

I knew how to charge for those services. And IBM, Intel, Xerox and the like paid the fees and got great results, saving thousands of dollars and thousands of hours getting their information products out to the world.

So why, when it came to doing the things that had my toes tapping, did I freeze? Unable to charge? Unable to find ways to earn an income?

Well, I bet you can guess this one, right?

I mean really, wasn’t I “supposed” give away things that were gifts? Things that came easily to me?

That’s why they’re called gifts, right?

DON’T do this! I mean it!

Do NOT follow my model on this one. You’ll end up broke and miserable and, as someone said to me, “you don’t do us a damned bit of good if you’re living under a bridge.

I’m here to tell you, right now. CUT IT OUT (yes, I’m yelling, on purpose).

If you’re not charging for what you do, and charging enough to YOUR chosen lifestyle AND pay for the “musts” (taxes, housing and all that jazz), then do something else to earn the mula and do what you love as a sideline, a side job, a hobby.


If you’re ready to really make a kick-ass difference in the world, then you MUST charge what you’re worth or go under.

And that is definitely NOT what the world needs.

We need you. We need what you bring.

We can do this. Together. I’m here to help you make a big splash.

Big visions, here we come!

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  • Brilliant, well timed, perfect!!! I have struggled with this is for no good reason really. I mean, I have had businesses before and charged a fair value price without any hesitation. So why in this business do I pause and retract? Crazy. I have thought it was the market of this industry…so many options…mass production…low social value…but I have begi=un to think it is more about me! Gotta change it or be under the bris=dge and not a damn bit of good to anyone as you say!

    • MamaRed says:

      Ah and you’re so talented and so passionate Carl. I’m so proud of you for taking hold of this one! Muah.

  • I love this woman and so enjoyed our talk! You have an outstanding program here and I can’t wait to dive in!

    • MamaRed says:

      Well hey there Elizabeth…love ya back and I’m glad you love the program! Such a joy to be connected to you and seeing how your wrapping all those gifts, skills and wisdom together to serve you, your family, and your world. Rock it darlin!

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