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Pinterest Answers How Do I Automatically Post From Facebook To Pinterest

Pinterest Answers Can I automatically pin Facebook images?

Images are all the rage these days, and a great way to get the message out and help others see what’s going on. AND getting from Facebook to Pinterest isn’t quite as easy as going from other places to Pinterest. Learn 4 different options for making that happen and a recommendation for best practices to build your business with pins.

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Repurpose Your Content By Using What You Already Have On Your Hard Drives

Repurposing: Where is YOUR hidden stash of cash?

STOP working so hard to feed the ContentBeastieā„¢, build your bank account and make a difference in the world. Have you checked your hard drives (in your mind and on your computer) for a hidden stash of content you can use without working so hard? If not, I’ll betcha there is a ton of stuff hanging out there you could use. Ah, sweet freedom. New products, new programs, new everything is so much easier when you use what you already have.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Keeping up with what size image is needed for all these social media sites can drive ya batty in a hot blue minute. Here is a fantabulous cheet sheat you can use (with the author’s permission!) Designed by LunaMetrics.

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