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Do you need more time in your day?

Heard (or said) something like this recently? “I don’t have time for that. I’m trying to grow a business.” “I wish there were more time in the day.” “Sorry son, I can’t make your game tonight, there’s only so much time in the day. That’s just the life of an entrepreneur. You’ll understand when you’re […]

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What’s WHY Got to Do with It?

As more and more of us step into ownership roles (and when you hang out with Chris Brogan, he really gets ya looking at ownership in a whole new way…it’s not just about biz anymore!) we move from doing what everyone else tells us to do…follow that process, or tap that button, shuffle along lookin’ […]

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How to save and make thousands and change the world at the same time

There is a fine balance between charging ahead and being in action and sitting on your butt and researching and asking yourself questions forever. Believe me, this is one I know well! I spent well over $100,000 (U.S.) buying courses, big ticket coaching programs, attending conferences, grabbing onto the latest and greatest software tool that […]

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Looking for a faster way to get your product out?

As a recovering perfectionist and split-brain personality (a 50-50 split of right and left brain traits), I’ve got enough ideas to flood the airwaves with a thousand products. Yet I haven’t. Why? I’ve gotten caught up in, of course, making it “perfect” (whatever the hell that means) and it sits. Sad. Lonely. Dismissed. Ignored. It’s […]

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Business strategy: How to pick what to work on first

Prioritizing is a MUST when you’re a business owner. There are so many things to do that if you don’t focus on the essentials (those systems and tasks that make you money) first, you’ll end up frustrated, broke and giving up your dream. Don’t do that. Please! Prioritize first, focus and you’ll find the path to success much easier!

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Business Strategy Question #10: What are willing to invest?

Ah, and here is question #10 of 10: What will you invest in your business to create the lifestyle and transformation you want to create? Yes, there are time investments and dollar investments and the giving-up-of-other things investments. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re willing to invest, first, and things will be MUCH easier down the road.

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Business Strategy Question #09: What are your goals?

One of the top 10 questions to ask BEFORE you pick business models, legal advisors, blueprints or technology is “What are YOUR goals?” See what happens so often is that we listen to the goals OTHERS have for us instead of picking our own goal. And believe me, getting clear on your goals (and the other 9 questions) saves you time, money, headaches and frustration. Now wouldn’t you like that?

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Business Strategy Question #08: What will you share?

One of the top 10 questions to ask BEFORE you pick business models, legal advisors, blueprints or technology is “What will you share?” How much of you? What part of your background? How deep will you go? How much of you will you reveal in your emails, newsletters, blog posts and other “get out there” materials? The short answer: exactly what you want to share, no “shoulds” allowed!

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