No matter how fantabulous your writing skills (and Tania's ARE fantabulous), there's only so much time in the day/week/whatever. Right?

So how do you make the most of what you already have so you can, gasp, take a break? Go have some fun? Feel free again?

The easiest way is to use my Repurpose...on Purpose™ (RPOP) approach to taking anything from a post (e.g., your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook) to a few characters and make them work at least 10 times as hard as you do!

Keep reading to see how to turn a single post into more than 10x the content without 10x the effort.

Note: Your strategic repurposing plan and deliverables are customized to you and your brand, NOT created for "someone" else! So this is for noodling on and getting those brain cells stirred up with ideas and questions, NOT thinking you "hafta" to do things exactly this way. 

Other options on the table include audio ... video... training courses ... Facebook Live...Kindle...and more. All from ONE LinkedIn post (think what you could do with still my beating heart, right?).

See the results...

Yes, there are several tools used, don't panic! I've learned these over time and used what I already knew to build this set of deliverables.

(There are others, of course, and I wanted to move and groove and get this to Tania as quickly as possible.)

Sample social graphics

Sample mockups

Sample front and back covers

Additional options

About the project

The  challenge...

The solution...