Business Strategy Question #08: What will you share?

Business Strategy Question #8: What Will You Share?Question #8/10

Your business strategy…your big picture view of how YOUR business works…is an essential step in creating a business that supports the lifestyle YOU want to create and the lives you want to transform.

This is Question #8 in a 10 question series of what to ask, and answer, before you choose your business model, decide what programs and products you want to create and how you launch yourself in the world. And here is a list of the entire 10-question series:

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If you haven’t answered questions #1-7, I definitely recommend answering those first,  then popping back here to answer this one. Answering the questions in this order helps you get more clarity.

Say what? What do you mean “what will you share?”

We humans are a complex bunch, aren’t we? We have personal lives, business lives, family lives.

We have histories and buttons and situations we’ve been in that shape who we are.

We have quirks and oddities and things that flat get our goat.

We’re multi-dimensional beings, living life the best we can.

And even tho’ we may be doing “business” with that perfect “who” who wants our perfect “what” to make their lives filled with prosperity, joy and abundance, we still have other “parts” of us, other ingredients if you will, that make us the delicious full course meal we really are.

And we get to choose what parts of us we share, or don’t share, with others. Right?

YOU get to set the boundaries. No one else.

No matter how many shoulds, or shouldn’ts,  you read somewhere…like

  • You should share everything with your followers…
  • You should let people know what is going on in your personal life…
  • You should keep your personal life separate from your business life…
  • You shouldn’t swear…
  • You should use perfect grammar…
  • You should share your story of going from rags to riches (if you have!)…
  • You should share your trials and tribulations and challenges from “then” to “now”…
  • You should (fill in your favorite should here)…

The truth of the matter

The truth of the matter is, at least in the world according to MamaRed, you get to choose what you share!


Now, that said, the more ways you can create a deep connection with your perfect who, the more easily they can decide whether they do, or don’t want to work with you.

That’s why it is so important to go through the questions in this series (it’s great to do them in this order AND please don’t lose sleep over it if you choose your own order, ‘k?)

“Shoulds” piss me off big time (even tho’ I do fall into shoulding on myself, even after 21 years of being involved in personal development studies!).

Why? Guess it depends on which viewpoint you’re coming from…

  • the viewpoint that says I’m an independent contrarian who hates being told what to do (true)
  • the viewpoint that says my ascendent is in Aquarius and we don’t like following the rules or doing what others tell them to do (true)
  • the viewpoint that says my mom was so strict and full of rules (some of which it would have been wise to emulate!) that now I don’t want any rules (true)
  • the viewpoint that says, up til now, I’ve been prone to irrational fits of self-sabatoge (true)

However, the Truth, with a capital “T”, is

you’re an individual with your own inner radar and wisdom that knows what is best for YOU, even if you need some outside reminders of what is possible!

So how do you decide what to share?

You take all the information you get and run it through the following filters…

  • Does it feel comfortable, for me?
  • Is it something that would help someone else move forward in their life?
  • Is it a way to make a bigger impact in the world?
  • Does it take me toward my vision of the lifestyle I want?
  • Will it serve to bring those I can serve closer to me? Help them make the decision as to whether what I bring is for them?
  • Does it fit the market I want to be involved with?
  • Does it harm anyone?

Once you answer those questions, you can make an informed decision WITHOUT the “shoulds” nattering in your ears, weighing you down and keeping you from sharing the best you there is to be shared.

Those answers are what help you find your own voice amongst the hoardes of emails, newsletters, websites and social media sites speeding around the world at the click of a button. Or when you’re hanging out at a networking meeting, attending a conference or having a cuppa somewhere.

You see, it is YOUR voice, YOUR experiences, YOUR unique LifeRecipe blended together that are what we need.

Got it?


How do I know this?

Because I spent years and years trying to be what someone else wanted me to be, not trusting that I was enough or could do it “right.”

Yes, I learned a lot from that leg of my journey and can’t say I recommend that approach. Getting clear on what is right for you, even if it may be a bit of a stretch or not match someone else’s vision, is what the world needs.

Another “Someone Clone” doesn’t serve, eh?

It would be my honor to collaborate with you to find your voice, share your message and transform this world. Grab your complimentary “Tame the BizBeasties, Get Kick-Ass Clarity” rendezvous and let’s get you loving life and business again!

We can do this. Together. Promise.

Do share

I would love to hear how answering this question solidified, or maybe changed, your perspective on what you do and what you bring to the world. Remember, there are folks who don’t know what you know, even if you think it is a teeny tiny sumfin or ‘nother.

Please don’t let technology and business stuff hold you back…that’s “just stuff” that can be handed off to someone else (me, pick me!), learned in a class or dropped by the wayside in favor of something more do-able, for you.

may your day be igKnighted with passionately powerful possibilities!

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P.S. Need a hand getting clear on this? Oh, I would love to help you succeed by asking you a bunch of questions that helps you move forward. How about we get you started by scheduling your complimentary Tame TheBeasties: Get Kick-Ass Clarity rendezvous. Yes, it does cost you 24 minutes of your day and I respect that, and you.

  • Bonnie McSpadden says:

    I really enjoyed this post! It is good to reflect on what to share and why. I wish that more bloggers would heed this excellent advice. Thank you!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Bonnie…glad to have you stop by and I bet you can tell it’s a hot button, eh? Smile.

  • Blaze says:

    Cheers to the misfits, the crazy ones, the fools…for staying true to themselves and creating businesses and lives that rock the status quo.

    Make it so MamaRed

    • MamaRed says:

      Hey there Blaze…yes, yes and yessssssssss! Rockin’ the status quo, together!

  • Tony says:

    Hi MamaRed I also believe that before you can share anything with anyone there should be some questions that you ask yourself first. It acts as a type of research to help you really focus in on what will work for you and what will not. Great advice fir anyone in search for that special ingredient that will set them apart. I like your point if view!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Tony…I totally and completely agree with you. That’s one of the reasons the first question I ask any client is “what drives you, what’s your passion, what lights a fire under your ass? (and why it’s first in this series, even tho many have questioned it!). I’m so glad you’re stopping by to visit and to share…makes my day!

  • My Moon is in Aquarius — and my ascendant in Sagittarius.
    It’s only natural that I would take the “find your own path” approach, LoL LoL

    • MamaRed says:

      Yup, I can see that Helene! I’ve got that Aquarius “do it my way” part too! When combined with a double Virgo component, it makes for some interesting discussions in my own head!

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