Business Strategy Question #05: What do you value?

Business Strategy Question #5: What Do You Value?Question #5/10

Your business strategy…your big picture view of how YOUR business works…is an essential step in creating a business that supports the lifestyle YOU want to create and the lives you want to transform.

This is Question #5 in a 10 question series of what to ask, and answer, before you choose your business model, decide what programs and products you want to create and how you launch yourself in the world.

And here is a list of the entire 10-question series (in case you want the big picture view)!

If you haven’t answered questions #1-4, I definitely recommend answering those first,  then popping back here to answer this one. Answering the questions in this order helps you get more clarity.

Why do matching values matter?

If this is your first time reading my posts, rants and inspiration. Welcome…and you’ll find I love to share what I mean by sharing a story, or even better, giving an exaggerated example. If you’ve been around me for a while, this is no surprise!

Either way, think about this.

You grew up in a family that valued education…no matter what. You busted your butt, learned as much as your beauteous little brain could hold and came racing home with your report card with 4 As, 2 Bs and a C.

You’re so proud of yourself you can hardly wait to share that precious piece of paper with your parents. You skid in the door, yelling “Hey mom, guess what, I got 4As!!!!!!!!

Only to hear…”What? Only 4 As? What’s with the Bs and God forbid, what is the C on your report card. You’ve got to study harder young lady or you’re never going to amount to anything. The only people that make it in this world are the smart ones that go on to college.”

You slink off to your room, huddle in a corner and figure you’d might as well die right now because you did the very best you could and obviously, duh, you don’t amount to a hill of beans.

Yes, you both value the “grades” or “success” (in some way shape or form) and yet you don’t value them the same way, in the same proportions.

So now what? Is one of you right? The other wrong?

Not necessarily AND partnering up with others who value the same things, in the same proportions, is an essential part of creating the lifestyle and business you dream of.

Yet many of us never stop to think about what we really value vs. what we give lip service to.

For example, many of us say we value honesty. Good one to value, right? And yet there are all sorts of ways we aren’t honest.

(I think about the time I told my son about Santa Claus and his specialness. Boy, did he call me on that one later on, especially since I harped about being honest. Damn. Busted.)

So give it some thought…what do YOU value?

Remember sweetie, there are no right or wrong answers. This is all about YOU and what is important to YOU, no one else. And once you get clear on this one, it becomes another point of clarity for how you move forward.

I have a worksheet with a ton of different words on it to help with this process? (some negative, some positive…sometimes ya need the negatives to figure out what you DO want, eh?)  Would you like a copy to help you through this exercise? I’d be happy to share!

Let me know in the comments below that you need this to move forward and I’ll send it to you within 48 hours.






















Take it a little further…

In one course I took, we did 3 different exercises with a big honkin’ list of values. We

  1. Printed 2 copies of the list
  2. Circled all the values we wanted on one copy
  3. Circled all the values we didn’t want on the other copy
  4. Prioritized the values we DID want

The goal with prioritizing the values we DID want, was to get to the #1 value…and it was an interesting exercise. Give it a try.

What did YOU come up with when you did this?

What were your top 3 values?

Your #1 value?

Take it even further for a bit of fun, where you surprised by the results?

Why does this matter?

Because the only way you’re going to be at YOUR best is when you’re partnered with others who match what you value. Think about it. Which would you rather do?

  • Spend the hours you have on this planet with those you’re in alignment with and who bring out the BEST in you?
  • Or spend your hours with those who drive you bonkers and who bring out the WORST in you?

Something to noodle on eh?

Do share what you found in the comments below. I’m listening!

may your day be igKnighted with passionately powerful possibilities!

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  • Tony says:

    MammaRed I really can relate to the your illustration about bringing home good grades as I’m sure many folk can. And I believe that you are right on point when you talk about partnering up with someone with similar values it’s great advice and something to really think about. Thanks! ;-)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Tony….thanks for stopping by, so great to meet you! I know so many people for whom that story resonates (yes, a bit of poetic license AND very close to home). And the interesting side effect of that is that we begin to believe that we’re only good enough when we get “good grades (or good salaries or certifications or some other form of external validation.) Do look forward to learning more about your journey!

  • Anita says:

    I always think I know the answers to all this, until I look at what I’m doing- and what I’m doing doesn’t always match up to what I say I value. So time to rethink. Again. And again.

    • MamaRed says:

      That’s such a good point Anita…first, I do think things shift and shimmy (although believe those top values are the same even if they go by another name). And that rethinking is perpetual, eh?

  • Were you following me in my school years? That example is all too familiar and probably did more harm than good as I then began to see just how poorly I could do. But, I digress.
    You’re right … I never thought about partnering up with people using this kind of structure. Thanks for the insight.

    • MamaRed says:

      Ah, you too eh Ivy? and I do believe it does a lot of harm. When I became a parent later in life I understood it more AND that doesn’t make it the best way to do things even tho’ I got caught in the trap too. Arggghhh. And please to make sure you’re partnered up with the right people for you. Ever so important my dear.

  • No kidding, J. Ivy. I thought the same thing. I was (am) terrible with numbers so math, especially anything above fractions, was very, very hard. I work my backside off to get a B one semester and was told \”If you work a little harder you can bring that up to an A.\”

  • Mama Red, you must really value “kind.” It’s on the list above twice. : )

    • MamaRed says:

      Actually I do…it’s my number 1 value. Although I may want to reread this and reconsider. Or not!

  • >