Purchase your name as your Internet address

Itty Bitty Biz Tip: Purchase YOUR name as a domain nameSo you’re wracking your brain, trying to come up with a nifto neato name for your business, or product, or thingamabob. Time is going by, your brain cells are tired out and you’re still no further down the road.

Somewhere you heard a rumor that you should buy a URL…which isn’t quite true. What you’re buying is a domain, which is the address where folks will find the lovely tidbits you have to share. And yes, it is a bit more detailed and I doubt you give hoot!

(If I’m wrong, let me know and I’ll work up another post).

Since a good portion of readers of this blog are in a service business (such as coaches, authors, speakers, healers, Lightworkers) your current and ideal clients are likely to remember your name first, rather than a company name.

When, or if, you decide to create a company brand or a specialty program you can shift people somewhere else using some behind-the-scenes tools. Well, if you aren’t wanting to get that techie, you can get someone to take care of it for you (tell them you want a redirect from one site to another).

  • Your first choice is your name IF it is easy to pronounce and spell. If it isn’t you might want to get two domains: your proper name and a nickname or other name you go by (then you can use that redirect thing to point your guests in the right direction).
  • Your first choice is also dot com (.com) since that is the most commonly typed extension (that is it’s real name by the way) and you most certainly don’t want to send people to another site, right?

Now, before you panic and say “all the good ones are taken”. I getcha. One of the reasons for “mamaredspeaks.com” instead of “mamared.com” is that someone was holding on to that site and I wasn’t in the mood to pay $5,000 US for it. Egads.

Since a lot of my work has a speaking component, it made sense: teleseminars, coaching via the phone or Skype, live events, training are all part of my offerings.

If you can’t get the dot com (.com), grab the dot net (.net) version and move on. Better to get in action, than to stew on it for a century or two!

To flooding the airwaves with your message…do pop your comments in the comments section and share your experiences with getting the “Goldlilocks Domain” for you (that’s the one that is jjjjjjjjjjjjjussssssst … like the famous fairy tale).


P.S. To see how a redirect works, type jerilynneknight.com in a browser window: you’ll end up at this site, mamaredspeaks.com.