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Paralegal Team

Paralegal Team Quick Navigation The Challenge…Before We Started…Some Highlights…The Results… The challenge… I met this paralegal, who works with bankruptcy lawyers, at a networking event several years ago. As her practice grew, so did the challenges of keeping up with the massive amount of paperwork (“content”) involved in filing claims, following up with the client, […]

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Consulting Company

Consulting Company Quick Navigation The challenge…Before we started…Some highlights…The results… The challenge… The gentleman on the phone sounded overwhelmed and ready to give up. He had been reading tons of material on the good ole’ interwebz, taken a ton of classes, and all of them said “they had the RIGHT way” to grow an online […]

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Large Chip Manufacturer

Computer Chip Company Quick Navigation The challenge…Before we started…Some highlights…The results… The challenge… The call that came in was a common one in my business… the doc department manager was short handed, had just been given another product line to document, and the deadlines were getting shorter and shorter every day.And, as always, the marketing […]

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Do you need more time in your day?

Heard (or said) something like this recently? “I don’t have time for that. I’m trying to grow a business.” “I wish there were more time in the day.” “Sorry son, I can’t make your game tonight, there’s only so much time in the day. That’s just the life of an entrepreneur. You’ll understand when you’re […]

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How to Write a Book in a Week(end)

Writing a book doesn’t mean you have to write THE BOOK today. Why not start with something short, do-able and visual to get you, and your perfect BizGuests, going in a week, or less. Heck a buddy of mine decided he could do this in a weekend!

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MamaRed’s Bio MamaRedSpeaks Site

For over 20 years, Jerilynne Knight, a top ranked international conference speaker on both technical and inspirational topics, has regaled her audiences with her down-to-earth, hysterical way of looking at life’s challenges. She is a gifted speaker and trainer who helps people understand life and technology with simple, step-by-step instructions, an author and transformational mentor. […]

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Lazy Content Creation for Coaches Who Don’t Like to Blog

Content Creation. Bleck! You’re a coach. You LOVE coaching. It’s fantabulous! What’s NOT so fantabulous is all this “write a blog post” stuff and “write an ebook” stuff and all the other stuff. Never fear, there is a way to make it not such a teeth gnashing, hair pulling event. Check out this post on 4 ways you can easily create content for your blog (and other places) using what you already know.

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