Are you terrified of moving forward?

Hello Darlin’

Are Your Fears Reality or a MemoryI have a confession to make:

I’m terrified sometimes.

Not always.


And that is a shift from old behaviors.

Although I didn’t realize it, I truly was terrified most of the time, although it was hidden under a facade of competence and looking for the best outcome.

[space size=50] I’ve been terrified I’ll

  • Do “it” wrong (pick the “it” and I’ve been terrified at one time or another)
  • Upset the the apple cart and someone won’t like what I said or did
  • Pick the wrong folks or the wrong idea or the wrong “fill in the blank”
  • Never make it (blast, there is that damned “it” again)

You are not aloneYou’re not alone

Have you been there? Or maybe you’re there right now?

If so, know you’re not alone!

So how do you move forward and step into the terror, rather than let the terror keep you from acting.

  • Breathe. Deeply. Now again. And again. (3 times is a lovely number)
  • Ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could happen?” Is that reality? Will you really die if you choose the wrong email tool? Or forget to post something? Or mispronounce someone’s name?
  • If you’ll die from the choice, get out of the situation immediately. If someone could be injured, same thing.  Get out of there. If it is something less drastic, what could you do that is one step forward?

One of my biggest lessons

Action Trumps Inaction

For, you see, one my biggest lessons during the last few years has been this: action trumps inaction and terror.

  • Sometimes the action is to face the terror.
  • Sometimes it is to breathe and ask questions that help calm you down.
  • Sometimes it is to call a friend and ask for help.
  • Sometimes it is to take what seems like the tiniest step in the direction you want to go.

Asking questions FIRST saves time and money laterWhat action can you take today?

So, what can you do today to take action and realize the terror may not be so real?

My action? To write this note and let you know that I get scared, terrified, and that my commitment is to act in spite of the terror or voices saying I might do it wrong!

The second action is to accept that I love a lot of different things and may never be able to “just do one thing,” even tho’ all the gurus say I must!

The foundation of what I do is based on helping you get your voice heard and your message shared. And that can look a lot of different ways.

What ways help you get your voice heard? Your message out there? Check out Overcoming Your Fear, Take a Baby Step for more suggestions.

For my dear fellow journeyer (is that a word?), there is someone who needs exactly what you bring to the world. And they are hanging from a thread, waiting for you.

Share your action for today in the comments below!

love and light, hugs and blessings

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P.S. always remember… you are loved, you are loving and you are lovable!

P.S.S. Thanks to Sheila in Moonducks for the reminder that all perceptions aren’t everything. I thought her Flickr photo was great…this is a harmless milk snake, out for a lovely day of slithering and enjoying the sun.

  • MarVeena says:

    My dad used to say he had to do do something even if it was wrong. I really enjoyed your article! Thank you!

    • MamaRed says:

      A fantabulous way to approach things MarVeena! Kudos to your dad. And glad ya liked the article. It was fun to write.

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