10 ways coaches can use use mind mapping to build their business

10 ways to use mind maps in your coaching business

A teeny tiny portion of the mind map I use to keep track of tools!

Ever had a ton of ideas, none of which seemed related to one another? You have an idea for your coaching program. Then up pops something about your finances.

Then you wonder if you could use your existing coaching process to create a digital product (maybe an ebook? Or Kindle? Or Home Study Course? Or????)

You throw them on bits of paper. Or maybe in a document file. Drop some notes in Evernote. Or forget them entirely because you didn’t know what to do with them.

And outlines drive you bonkers because they turn off the creative flow and force you into a left brain, orderly way way of organizing things.

Two minutes after you write “Roman Number I” you’ve completely forgotten what you were going to do, eh?

Boy, can I relate! And that’s where mind mapping, a visual “outlining” approach can really come in handy!

You can throw all sorts of ideas in there (in what are “nodes” if you want the techie term…I prefer bubbles, much less intimidating, eh?). You can rearrange to your heart’s content.

Heck you can even create other mind maps to hold the spare ideas that are popping up for a listen.

And some of the newer tools have all sorts of ways to collaborate, turn things into tasks and all sorts of “get ‘er done” type functions!

Example 1: Creating a Teleseminar

I have a course called TeleWhatevers™, designed for Teleseminar Virgins™ to start using this great tool in their business. Like most everything else I do, I use a cooking analogy (so handy since most of us have cooked something, even if it is a microwave meal).  I created this mind map for the TeleWhatevers students to see, in a more visual way, what they were going to do. This one is a combination of a traditional mind map and a radial mind map (meaning you can click something and it pops into focus for you). It was created using 2 tools: FreeMind and SpicyNodes.

Example 2: Turning a video into a product empire



10 ways to use mindmaps

  1. Brainstorm product ideas
  2. Brainstorm your coaching process
  3. Flesh out thoughts on resources to help you build your business
  4. Use one as “Your Business Central” with major categories like Marketing, Promotions, Finance, etc.
  5. Create a project-related mind map that shows all the components of your project
  6. Plan a teleseminar (or “tele-whatever”)
  7. Create a summary of session notes or even ongoing notes for a client (heck, you could share it with them too and you could collaborate on what’s next, especially if you use one of the online tools where you can share a link with them)
  8. Take notes during a training class, teleseminar or webinar that you’re attending
  9. Keeping track of resources you use to do what you do (one of my go-to mind maps is for all the online tools I find in my search to do “things”… it’s great ‘cuz I can go one place and search an entire mind map)
  10. Keep ideas for the book you’ve been thinking of writing for an age
  11. …what ways could YOU use a visual peek at everything going on in your world?
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Do share in the comments below!  What ideas popped up? Have a favorite tool already? Feel free to add it to this list? Looking for a tool to test out? Give one of these a try and come back and let me know what you think.

Free mind mapping tools to check out

Have you used mind mapping for your business?

Do share your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comments below and let’s get that business of yours igKnighted!

  • Isobel says:

    Hi MamaRed,

    I love your style and the way you explain things! I’m delighted to tell you I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and I really hope you’ll accept. No, this isn’t spam and there’s no charge lol. Find out more here http://becomeyourvision.com/liebster-blog-award/ :)

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    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Isobel…thank you sooooooooooooooo much for the honor and your kind words. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to your comment. Have had some, shall we say “challenges” in the last couple of months!

  • Ramona says:

    Visiting from UBC. You have a nice blog here. Lots of good ideas in today’s post!

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Ramona and welcome to the Get igKnighted Family … I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit and got some good ideas.

  • EMILY STOIK says:

    Great post- I’ve heard of mind-mapping from time to time so it’s good to learn more about it :-)

    • MamaRed says:

      Hi Emily…and welcome to the Get igKnighted Family! If you’re not a linear thinker, mind mapping is a fantabulous way to put all those ideas into a format you can rearrange and organize to make sure you’re capturing everything. Every time I create an outline I get stuck because a bunch more ideas bop in for a visit. Let me know how it goes for you!

  • Iorio says:

    I really like mind maps. I do have issues with them. Small Business owners barely have time to eat lunch let alone spend time to learn a new program. If we could mind meld a mind map that would be really cool!

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