10 free conference line services for creating products and doing teleseminars

Find a free conference line and record your wisdomOne of the awesome ways to get content or share your message is using audio, or recordings if you prefer. Did you know there are a ton of different ways to get a recording using free conference line services? Yup, and here are a few of them!

P.S. If you have a computer, smart phone or tablet, you can use the recording apps that come with that system or are downloadable. To the best of my knowledge, those don’t work so well if you want other people on the call with you and to be able to send a link. AND I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time!

P.P.S. To learn about using free conference lines to create your content/product empire, check out this post about how to record your wisdom, then slice’n’dice that recording into a wholllllllllllleeeeeeeee bunch of ways and reduce the stress and strain that comes from feeding the ravenous ContentBeastie™!